Rebel Media is done. Southern & Posobiec take hush money.

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  • casey1961 reply Ezra Levant has already addressed this issue with full disclosure. His biggest problem has been that he has not had enough time to properly vet his employees and address their concerns. This he has taken steps to correct. While Rebel media has lost subscribers it has amounted to about 2%. Yes, the Rebel has screwed up, but they still have the integrety to admit their shortcomings and fix them and move on better than before.
  • Sullenredshirt reply Possibly, just possibly, this exposure and our reactions will influence The Rebel and individuals to straighten up and start loving the truth over anything else. Integrity = respect.
  • Menexus reply Rebel media never appealed to me. Not a fan of Faith Goldy or Southern and I'm not surprised a LARPing journalist like Lauren would take hush money over reporting the truth. I like Gavin, he's funny... he's the only good thing about Rebel media in my opinion.
  • Asulf_Denisson reply Good riddance. Can't trust anyone at the rebel. Keep doing your great job Titus Frost.
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