Urban Survival Tin (Modern Urban Altoids Survival Tin)

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  • sbradd reply Really like your choices gave me SHTF haven't ideas I haven't thought of๐Ÿ‘
  • [ โ€“ ] Lawborn reply This gives me the idea to pack together multiple survival kits and have them ready to give to other people. I don't know that many prepper types in the real world and doubt too many people around me are prepared.
    • [ โ€“ ] WeaponCollector parent reply Thanks for watching mate, I have made a few and bug out bags for family member just incase,
      • [ โ€“ ] Blue_Rayner parent reply very interesting, some good ideas in here, one thing surprising tho NO condom or a means to carry water! Thank you.
        • [ โ€“ ] WeaponCollector parent reply I figure in an urban situation you might not need to collect water, depends on the circumstances and length of survival, but now you have mentioned it i will defo chuck in a bag for water collection.
          • Blue_Rayner parent reply Suggest a zip up freezer bag A. it can carry things you may find along the way B. as you say not collect water. There you made me think! lol Thank you WeaponCollector.
  • Blue_Rayner reply there are a lot of these type of Altoids tin vids about mostly designed for Every day carry. an urban survival kit can be a larger bag or return home bag. Thank you.
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