Do Videogames Cause Violence?

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  • MysticSword reply Turn on the news, watch a show or movie, chances are you'll see a lot of violence and/or gore (and that's something that kind of confuses me is that in the media violence is acceptable to show, or even showcase, but *Gasp*, "We can't show a naked boob or butt." :P ). Anyways, did just seeing such violence from those media sources "cause" someone to then go out and commit act of violence themselves? Nah, I highly doubt that and I highly doubt that violence in video-games would cause anyone to commit violent acts themselves. I's say it would be someone who was already mentally unstable to begin with to go out and commit violent acts. And as far as violent video-games, well, most of them are rated M for mature, or in some cases, depending on the game, the "violence" portrayed might be cartoonish, no worse than seeing violence in a bugs-bunny or road-runner cartoon. Anyways, the media (news) will tend to over-exaggerate or seek to blame something (whether it be books, movies, music, games...more, etc...), when the problem is something unstable with an individual to begin with to commit violent acts or perhaps also due to bad parenting. (Some parents expect TV and video-games to be a "baby-sitter" for their kids).
  • [ – ] BobbyTheSheep reply This is a very tricky topic to handle! Some research say yes, many say no. A lot of mummy and daddies overreact you know? At the same time, it is hard to deny that kids do get exposure to violent imagery and gameplay very easily nowadays compared to in the past. I remember when I was a small sheep, Mortal Kombat was considered a big controversial thing. Nowadays people see it as normal. I think we all adjust. Besides, many violent crimes are caused by people who do not even play video games. It's just that when someone who plays video games commit a crime, the media always talks a lot about it. But they could easily say he / she watches violent movies, TV shows, read violent books, etc.
    • SamEarl13 parent reply Very good comment, it is true that kids get exposure more nowadays with graphics getting better and the old games obviously don't disappear either. Sad thing is a some of the mums/dads that overreact are the bad ones that let their kids play those sorts of games at a young age and want something to blame when they're older (instead of bad parenting).
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