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  • [ – ] DougBeney reply Weird stuff. Still nowhere as bad as r/Politics on reddit.
  • [ – ] MikeTheMugger reply The democrats lost because Wasserman-Shultz blatantly favored Clinton in the Primaries. Also consider how many delegates voted Clinton, despite the high polls that favored Sanders. The DNC was sabotaged from within. It was not Russian hackers, it was crony politics. When Bernie grudgingly endorsed Clinton, that sealed the betrayal, and alienated a large number of Democratic voters. See, the "Trumpocrats". If the battle came down to Bernie vs Trump we may have had a different outcome (or at least a closer one). ps. The Pinkerton's were one of the first security companies in the US. They performed thuggish skull-cracking beatdowns during railroad worker strikes early in our countries history.
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