Necro Critic | Felix the Cat: The Movie

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  • [ – ] Fighting_Zenith reply I know a lot about Felix. For starters, he was created by Otto Messmer and distributed by Pat Sullivan. Around '56-'57, Fleischer/Famous Studios animator Joe Oriolo took over. Decades later, after he died, his son Don sold the rights to Dreamworks. Here's some more trivia: Otto Messmer used to work in Fleischer/Famous Studios in the early-to-mid-'40, where he met Oriolo; Pat Sullivan was involved in a rape case; Van Beuren made three Felix Rainbow Parade shorts in the mid-'30s; there was an NES game made in the early '90s based off the Oriolo cartoons; and Milton Knight was involved in Twisted Tales of Felix the Cat. For more information, try Jerry Beck's Cartoon Research.
    • Fighting_Zenith parent reply By the way, this movie is an example of wasted potential. The budget got squandered on the CGI and music, thus Don Oriolo had to have the actual animation done in South Korea; Felix talks too damn much; and the story also had potential, but got wasted on sub-amateur writers.
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