How to Succeed on Youtube in 2017 | Changes to Youtube & Youtube Tips 2017

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  • [ – ] A_Psy_Thinking_Outside_The_Box07 reply How to succeed on Youtube is to never go back to it.
  • Orrelion reply This is NOT youtube.......
  • houstonhowl reply i just wish youtube would stop changing everything. just leave it alone the way it is.
  • nodetact reply I just spent the last quarter hour or so typing an awkward comment on the Please Remember Me video by a Vidizen whom I will not tag link, at least not in this post, and I can easily make a turnaround response to this video conversion from YouTube and say: It's not that he's lying, he's just very well sourced into what YouTube is doing for millions of people which makes it look like they communicate with people as often as Vidme - which they never did. Oops, did I add in a negative con to your 100% unturned video reupload to our "cowardly retreat" known as alternative social media? But seriously though, it's rare to see people that upsell YouTube so much (other than one of my college professors saying how excellent of a resource YouTube would be for us. And again, that's not a lie, but GOD DAMN DON'T HAVE OUTRAGEOUSLY ONLY GOODWILLED PREJUDICED DETERMINATIONS FOR EVEN A POPULAR WEBSITE THAT LITERALLY NOBODY KNOWS WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO IT IF IT GOES DOWN BEFORE FACEBOOK TWITTER AND REDDIT ...morePOSSIBLY DO AS WELL GOD DAMN IT) and yet still horrifically say what makes legitimate sense for even people that may still know how terrible of a position YouTube is in. Honestly if anyone ever asked me what makes me think that YouTube will die because of their corruptive ways, they are either diehards like Jaiden Animations and Skyward Wing that DID come to Vidme before I did (ironically) but still seem to want their proper closure which I wholeheartedly understand from my own life story, or they are also amongst the mysterious YouTube employee trade secret bullshits of "don't talk to all the people that depend on YouTube or else" which sadly reminds me of my mobile platform's company Microsoft (Build 2017 in a few more days, you guys! I wonder what they may say about Windows 10 Mobile- IF THEY DO...) due to their own lack of communication with their fans. By the way, thanks for reading my comment. As you can see its a lot shorter still than my @MomaMax video post (fine, there's the tag link... Happy now?), and surely a crapton more comprehensive. But alas, we are a talkative, problem solving community... Not that one scene from Divergent where everyone but a divergent was mindlessly cut off and mind controlled by the serum. Oh god, that's how EVERYONE thinks of YouTube's customer service these days! And am I really that mean about it? Because at least Vidme will give me my voice!
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