Latest Update Regarding the Newest Online (COUGH) "Trends"

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  • Its_Okay2 reply EinsteinAl, I already donate on Patreon, and I agree, he does great reporting, it's honest, sincere and well researched. Just wish there were more like him out there to speak the truth, and that there was more monetary support for him and others like him.
  • EinsteinAl reply @Its_Okay2 There are only a few people I have openly supported on YouTube. I don't give endorsements to just anybody. I will only endorse those with massive knowledge and who I know won't sell us out down the line. They need to have some serious integrity and this guy I know will either make it or die trying. Preferably the first choice......
  • EinsteinAl reply I donated and I am a disabled veteran on a very limited pension.... if active subscribers would just give $5 or $2 or even $1 and repeat every month.... My God people, every person out here can give a damn dollar. You have no excuse for not giving something.... and some of you can give $20 or more..... so just fucking do it. NOW! Everybody has a PayPal account, just go and do it NOW!!! This guy busts his ass and does great reporting. Get with it people if you want to keep this media going.... We have the Vomit Stream Media the ropes and its time to deliver the death blow and take the treasonous bastards out!
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