Netanyahu Decides to Purge Gaza Again, Cuts off Electricity to 2 Million People

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  • mistrx reply Styx, I usually agree with you in 99% of things, but not in this. Palestinians are shooting missiles and hide behind children as shields - it is Hamas, but they operate from Palestine. I fully understand Israel, they have to be tough. And your words about US meddling in the region militarily? Do you realise that this problem goes on for thousands years and all that USA can do is to fuck any country it enters (aka invades) so chance of solving this on ground is as high as hell freezing? Kinda weird to hear you supporting intervention - I thought you were for America first. I think you are wrong this time
  • MaxIzrin reply The electric supply was decreased by request of Mahmud Amas (Abu Mazen), their president. What are you talking about? Hamas wants the Palestinian authority to pay for their electricity, this is an internal struggle, and has nothing to do with Israel. And it coincides with SA coming out against Qatar, who supports Hamas! How did you miss that?
  • I3UTM reply Maybe the U.S. should purge the foreign aid to Israel. #rescindtheaid
  • VybeyPantelonez reply Yeah why are we giving aid when were in debt dafuq
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