The Pitfalls of Defending Censorship

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  • 1JohnKelso reply you make a great point the pro life video was a good example and Mark dice and some others do the same to the pro choice people. the fact is no matter what the speech is especially it is political speech that can change the position of the entire nation the founders protected that speech for a reason. he talks about white supremacists but once it was unpopular speech to speak against segregation or even at one time slavery in slave states. if speech were not protected there would have been no change. just because you deem speech hate does not justify stifling the speech. we are grown ups and we can choose for ourselves what is right and wrong. we don't want the state to outlaw political positions. that is a slippery slope.
  • madel_schmadel reply Advocating violence is "actually unacceptable", in fact illegal. No one likes Nazis and it honestly doesn't matter if it's Spencer or some leftist like The1Janitor acting like one, fascism is "actually unacceptable" in a modern free society.
  • 1JohnKelso reply See this janitor guy wants to attack one news station and not the other big cable news station that has been caught in many lies recently just because the other station agrees with his politics. This is why there is free speech, so that we may rebut foolish blanket statements that are made without evidence on either side.
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