Is VidMe the Next YouTube? Lets Chat!

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  • [ – ] jrswab reply Welcome to VidMe! I'm newer as well; created my account at the end of January and now am starting to upload videos as well. I like how there are no ads so there is no reason for companies to dictate what can or can not be show.
    • [ – ] WanderWorx parent reply Great to hear. The clean look and interface is great. Hopefully people will support the creators they love and keep advertisers out of the equation
  • [ – ] LetsPlayCentral reply i think if youtube doesnt start changing things, i think vidme will gain ground on them. im seriously considering doing vidme without youtube. youtube has gotten me nowhere, and here, i already feel like i have gained more ground than on youtube. i love it here and i welcome you!
    • WanderWorx parent reply Great to hear! YouTube is a massive platform and we finally started to break into it but I can already see how Vidme has a strong community feel and interaction. Pretty excited to bring all our content over here and share on this platform
  • [ – ] iJimUK reply Hi and welcome to Vidme, to answer your question, I personally dont think Vidme will be the next YouTube but, I do think Vidme will be the next big thing and a serious threat to YouTube unless Youtube changes its ways. I guess you could say Vidme is what YouTube used to be like 4-5 years ago. The community is fantastic as are the Vidme staff who do answer your questions. Vidme cares about its creators, all of them, big and small and the community, both creators and viewers are so friendly and helpful. Admittedly you wont get as many views here on Vidme "Yet" but we are still young. What I will say is, Have you ever sat and wished that you had found and joined Youtube when it was still young and had the chance to make your mark before it became so saturated? Well you have that chance here at Vidme. How you upload your vlogs is your call at the moment I am uploading mine about 1-2 a day so I dont flood the New videos section Good luck :D
    • nodetact parent reply Your question is basically how some of the users like me have every now and then wondered that if alternative social media in general had been a decent enough starting embrace to the online world and more, and if it truly makes you feel like you started social media at least somewhat close to how it would have been on mainstream social media. Thankfully enough, though, I at least have a select few personal experiences with the mainstream rivals even if these are not complete such experiences that I am in retrospect not ashamed of. The only thing that would truly suck is if there had to be alternative-alternative social media to replace our present newer options, and if even with the decent reasoning of just becoming old enough or good at social media that these users never got to know mainstream or 'original' alternative social media beforehand! But nonetheless, I value new experiences over both good and bad ones alike, if that goes beyond a paradox, that is.
  • [ – ] BrianAiya reply thanks for not dumping all the videos in the beginning and making this video for vidme. Yes, many people believe that Vidme will not take over YT but be the competitor that YT needs. I think your vlogs will do well here only if you be active in the community. For now, i would suggest you not to post ALL your older videos here, because you will not get a lot of engagement because the people here are annoyed when creators do this. But i would recommend you uploaded your new and upcoming vids for now so that the community can know you better and have a good impression.
    • WanderWorx parent reply Yeah I don't want to just dump and go. I'm gonna start with our new videos from Nicaragua. Might bounce back to some of our recent travels in the times we're not travel. (Next 2 weeks we're home working) I think if I dip into our archive I'll preface it with a video introducing it and giving an update on what we're up to.
    • nodetact parent reply Personally, Aiya, I think I have a way around the obnoxious YouTube re-uploading (it doesn't come any easier anyways considering the direct YouTube subscription linkage plus the ease of re-uploading directly to Vidme from YouTube), and my strategy is similar to how I eventually intend to choose my subscriber only videos: Those videos should at the very least be exceptionally special. Better yet if they are reminiscent of a means to multi-platform between video hosting websites, but this is much more comfortable with, say, BitChute, which is even more ingrained with making an emulator YouTube like experience. Vidme also has some adopted tendencies when compared to YouTube, but I totally believe more in them being their own thing as that is what they seem to be already hoping for and that's honestly terrific... because even if they do become a force to be reckoned with up against YouTube, they should still invigorate us with something that not even veteran YouTubers have experienced befo...morere (albeit this being somewhat betraying towards the "2nd chance at YouTube past" scope of things for users whom still wished that Vidme would do this at least once for them)!
    • OleCrankyGamer parent reply Exactly right, much like my healthcare & anti net neutrality debates, competition is the key for creativity and inclusion, not the other way around I am not looking to be PewDiePie, I want to play games, have some gaming/tech related rants and have people watch them & have discourse Most of the money I receive will go to charities anyway
  • [ – ] Rquerd reply Out of everything, I am a bit concerned for Vidme. Yea, it's a great platform and I have no regrets switching from YouTube to Vidme but once it receives a lot of attention (like YouTube), it may go down hill if they're not careful enough. I've been noticing that with many popular social medias such as Twitter, Facebook and even Twitch. As a community, we have to make sure we do not abuse Vidme. Meaning, not to scam or do anything that violates their rules. Right now Vidme is great! Hopefully it can stay like that forever :)
    • WanderWorx parent reply Yeah we'll see what happens with the platform. Hope they keep the creators in mind. Excited to connect with people on here. Seems like a great community
  • [ – ] OleCrankyGamer reply I just got my "sorry no verification for you" email, so yep...special club, just like Youtube
    • [ – ] WanderWorx parent reply Bummer wonder why?
      • [ – ] Aureolin parent reply I think that way the channels that get verified have to show that they are probably willing to work on their content.
        • [ – ] OleCrankyGamer parent reply Problem is...with people who don't have a YT following, we can't get that so easily and here we are limited in the amount and quality of videos we can upload. All I wanted was to upload 3 videos a week of decent 1080p 60fps and nice bitrate I can try and network, but I am not a FT Youtuber
          • [ – ] iJimUK parent reply Me neither Old Cranky. I know the 1 gig allowance is a pain, I could only upload 2 videos a week at 720p 50 fps All I can suggest is making sure that you are seen aroun,d the community, commenting on videos, comments and upvoting videos you like. Every time you make a comment or upvote a video the creator gets a notification. But... saying that the guidelines for getting verified says that having 50 Vidme followers as "Strongly suggested" not a you "Have to have" prerequisite, if your nailing the other requirements maybe to 50 followers would be overlooked? maybe I dont know you would have to get that one clarified by a featured creator or staff. I dont want to say things that are not true or correct
    • [ – ] iJimUK parent reply Vidme has changed its Verification process last Friday I think 28th April.. You need to have at least 50 followers at least and meet the rest of their criteria before you will be considered for verification. Now I did type this comment without checking out your channel OleCranky so if you do have 50 or more followers then sorry i dont know..
  • [ – ] SirNigelCogs reply That looks like quite the adventure. Quite the noisy adventure. Welcome to Vidme.
    • WanderWorx parent reply Thank You! It's very noisy here in Nicaragua. The bugs are crazy. We get a symphony of nature everyday and night here.
  • [ – ] amberthest reply I'm new here too and I love travel! Excited to see your videos :) (I went to Nicaragua last year, it was great)
  • YeastPriest reply is such an incredible space with less restrictions #vidme
  • galwaybeard reply Nice to see another travel vlogger on here. Welcome! Looking forward to seeing more.
  • [ – ] JustABloke reply I certainly hope not, I cannot see the point of having 2 Youtubes. Currently Vidme is extremely engaging, interactive, and yes I love watching travelling videos. How you upload bulk or trickle, doesn't matter to me, the content is what it is all about, and great introduction.
    • WanderWorx parent reply Thanks! We're super excited about engaging with more people through Vidme. As a creator there's nothing better than starting a conversation about a topic and showing something or someplace many have never experienced. The issue with YouTube lately is that there is a ton of negativity. I hope there is less trash talk and more human engagement here. 😀😀. We'll start uploading when we can. Currently we're trying to get home from Nicaragua. ✈️
  • magaz reply I'm also very new here... The "Adpocalypse" and heresay about the coming "death" of Youtube has made me want to branch out and see where else I can create a community around my content. A few people I sub to mentioned they were either thinking of or had already started to upload to Vidme, so I figured I'd give it a go to... Still getting used to the interface and working out what's what but it seems like a friendly community and a straight forward interface etc... I think you should start from "episode one" on here, upload them sequentially and let us who are new to your content learn about you and your adventures from the beginning :)
  • YobeBit reply If you look at the new video list in some categories its filled with channels dumping their old videos in bulk. I'm coming from a small youtube channel and I try to post one old video a day mixed between new uploads so it slowly grows my channel. Spacing them out I feel gives videos a better chance to get those initial views and stand out. One last reason could be your followers can have more videos to watch with them spaced out if they check their following page daily or the homepage since new followed video were added.
  • [ – ] Sangeeta reply Welcome to VidMe! I'm also fairly new here myself, my first video was uploaded a week ago and I can safely say I love this community more, it's less 'spam' and less toxic and I completely agree with how picky youtube is with monetisation or just videos they want in general, can't believe they didn't allow your video to be monetised due to there being alcohol, slightly ridiculous! There's more of a creative freedom on VidMe and more motivation due to the overwhelming support! Can't wait to see the places you've been to and the adventures you have had! Thank you for sharing it with us!
    • WanderWorx parent reply Thank You! Yes the alcohol demonetization on YouTube is ridiculous. I'm wondering when all our winery videos will be de monetized. The community over here is super non toxic compared to YouTube. Already people are more welcoming and friendly. So far its been a great experience on Vidme
  • [ – ] NinjaPoolboy reply came here for ball shot of guy on thumbnail.... disappointed
  • [ – ] AxxL_Afriku reply im taking youtube down by making the greatest videos possible on vidme. so yeah, vidme will definitely beat youtube
  • [ – ] Speech2Stir reply Hey Im going to Nicaragua in July for an exchange trip. Any tips for a newbie traveler to the country?
    • WanderWorx parent reply Be prepared for a hot dirty trip. There's not a lot there. The area we went to San Juan Del Sur was just beach partying and surfing. I'll be posting our vlogs from the experience soon.
  • [ – ] stefansabin7 reply yes, i think that we can stop youtube and we can start using vidme.
  • [ – ] nintendowiid reply i think youtube is finsished and compromised in such a big scale ( if you know what they are doing exactly) also with alphabet google in has ruined me and their monetization is pure scam / fraud ... illegal
    • WanderWorx parent reply But they still have a massive user base. Many people are frustrated but still uploading daily. We'll see what happens
  • [ – ] Sonata_Gundam reply Welcome to Vidme, I love YouTube don't get me wrong but take a look at featured videos on Vidme vs YouTube. Now most of the featured videos on YouTube aren't even YouTubers, most are promos and music videos from traditional media, I miss when YouTubers were the focus, I feel like Vidme seems to bring that focus back, time will tell but I hope for the best in this community
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