Vermont Issues 43: Pressure Put on Bernie Sanders to Form Progressive Party

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  • [ – ] MickiDaWop reply Trump should change his party affiliation to Independent or Libertarian and really screw with the Republican's heads. He never was a "Republican" anyway, screw party affiliation, it's just another form of collectivism. Maybe an Individualist Party should be formed, with no closed primary requirements.
    • [ – ] DickDitty parent reply Yup, Republicans need Trump much more than Trump needs Republicans.
      • [ – ] Bonanny parent reply Yes!! I keep saying that without Trump the Republicans have nothing. Trump supporters know who all of them are and who needs to be replaced.
    • Brandon95 parent reply That'd be hilarious to see, I'd love to see them squirm and moan as they go insane trying to bash Trump and calling him a fascist but failing miserably.
  • Thurisaz17 reply Any situation that highlights how fucking retarded Mushmouth's politics are is a great idea. Sure. Let him do it.
  • wolfalexzemla reply just call it the socialism doesn't work party.
  • TheTrue reply Ron Paul runs for President with Rand Paul as his running mate... 😏💦 *fantasy is fun* I still feel like Dr. Paul was done extremely dirty when he last ran. Especially with limited exposure and the Funny or Die skit "Free Bananas" voiced by Will Ferrell making Ron look crazy. Funny, sure. But still a dirty move against an underfunded, underrepresented candidate in my opinion.
  • Auceza reply Feelz the Bern. Never make Bernout great again! Stalin dindu nuffin wrong!
  • Shugtastic reply That was very entertaining.
  • [ – ] NighImpossible reply If the greens and the libertarians crack double digits it's a sign of a healthy election. Both parties (in principle) are anti authoritarian first and foremost. That would show that the US still can be the leader of the "free world" (the west). But my guess is that the US green party is just socialism-lite.
    • VybeyPantelonez parent reply Yeah i would have voted libertarian this time again but trump was saying all the right things and i already voted GJ in '12 ... we need a fresh face plus Weld is NOT a libertarian & GJ wouldn't say alien he kept beating around the bush which leads me to believe he's an open borders libertarian and i did a podcast on why that's downright dumb a while back (too long to write it here). Also, GJ started sticking his tongue out at reporters on parkbenches and freaking out on reporters for saying alien... and the drugs had not yet been legalized.... what u thinking man is what i was thinking lolololololol
  • [ – ] Merlynn reply He could just run as the Socialist Party. I'm sure that'd go over big.
    • [ – ] VybeyPantelonez parent reply Socialism's endgame is communism, no? Why not go full retard and just come out as a commie loloolol
      • Merlynn parent reply No,communism is the hippie dippie feel good propaganda front. Then it becomes socialism cause you can't build a nation without a government. And then it becomes fascism cause bitches be gettin' uppity.
  • themadsnowballer reply The dnc isn't thinking. That's why they picked clinton.
  • [ – ] wolfalexzemla reply styx stop telling the lefty's what they are doing wrong
    • VybeyPantelonez parent reply He's said before many times he's not right or left simply a human being with ideas... not a partisan. That being said, he's definitely not feeling the bern lol. iFeelu though im also not a big fan of leftwing politic...
  • ironrope reply styx - you don't seem like the type to gamble but i will leave this wager below... place your internet money bet on whose shit slides faster down their leg - hillary or bernie? i wager $10.20 on hilldog.
  • Bonanny reply You do a great Bernie Sanders! LOL Sounds just like him!
  • Bonanny reply We need a Deplorable Party!!
  • Bonanny reply Progressive??! How progressive can he be, he's older than dirt. And he's just as corrupt as the rest of them. I hope he runs. I want to see him get squashed once and for all.
  • JohnFKennedy reply I ain't gonna lie, I only came here to see if I could catch a little nipple action.
  • Yvoregl reply Check out for a unenforceable platform. Likes will also earn you cryptocurrency.
  • Cyriu reply "We need a freakshow election. You need chaos to overthrow the current paradigm and change things." I will agree. It's because of this recent shitshow that many of us have awakened to the truth and started to scream for more Americanism, on how things should be.
  • CheyenneSioux reply Kills Hilary........Peace out
  • FunkyMunky reply Is it just me or is Styx wearing eyeliner in this?
  • JamieG reply Your happy to live in this time line, ls that in reference to the Mandela effect
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