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  • [ – ] JustABloke reply Beautiful church, nice to see monitors on those huge pillars so people stuck behind them get to see what's happening up front. hey your visit is a special occasion, ring those damn bells I say! So let me get this right, that tower is for peeking into neighbours kitchens, and if they mess up dinner, they use the cannons to blasts the chefs to smithereens! It's so difficult to be a Tour Guide, true.
    • [ – ] StefanJenkins parent reply haha they should have rung them I will make sure they do. :) that was the idea if they are doing anything bad. BANG cannon to the window :). with me its so easy to be a tour Guide. :)
      • [ – ] allaj parent reply Stop telling porkies! It took me so long to explain you the history of these buildings and monuments :D
        • JustABloke parent reply LoL Stefan is damn lucky you're there to keep him on the facts, but he really is doin' an amazing job, you both are. The reason I know this is because days after viewing I still remember glimpses Estonia's architecture, history re-enactments, etc etc not what I expected, and of course your family farm was THE highlight for me (I grew up on my grandparents plantations oranges, mandarins, bananas, pineapples) So I thank you both for the rekindled memories.
        • StefanJenkins parent reply You can't teach a teacher. That's why because I knew it all. It was all a test of your knowledge
  • [ – ] CreatorsThinkingCritically reply Nice to meet you on Vidme StefanJenkins. Your Me-Time Monday post brought me here. Nice tour. Hopefully one day I can travel internationally.
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