ASMR | Ear to ear blowing + weekly tad and update #14

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  • [ – ] elevedescience reply Funny and relaxing at the same time. Good job! I really like the whistling sound you make with the ear blowing and the fact that you were further from the microphone . It was less "agressive" (if that make any sense) than the sound of the microphone saturating that we sometime hear during this trigger. Thank you very much for this update!
  • [ – ] SmoothRiverrock reply You dealt with those hecklers quite well. Thank you. : )
  • [ – ] SpookyBoyPrime reply Nice trick throwing your voice like that and sounding like a cute, giggly 20 something Smol Canadian lady with a habit of going all kawaii at any given second. I watched three times and I couldn't see your lips move...oh 😍 so talented.
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