Calibri Reacts to...Random Creators #22 | CATS AND EXPLOSIONS!

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  • [ – ] SilentGamer reply Awwww so adorable the cat :) Well I like this idea to show random creator :) could be really helpful :)
    • FireRam parent reply It is really helpfull i have seen a good few creators using the random creator button too...
  • thy_koosk reply CATSPOTTING
  • [ – ] Calibri_Funtimes reply This week's random question: What can you never leave the house without?
  • Calibri_Funtimes reply Today's randomly discovered creators: @ReviewTechUSA @I_Am_RaRa @Freighttrain
  • [ – ] FireRam reply @Calibri_Funtimes Yet another fab video with more vidizen's to go follow, well there is one that i have featured and i know i am following @Freighttrain
  • [ – ] EplxPro reply I followed you on Twitch if I get the time to come by Ill come say Hi!!
  • [ – ] JustHypeVibe reply Another awesome vidizens!
    • Calibri_Funtimes parent reply YAY! I love that this series has brought so much attention to the community--it's a great way to discover new people. I swear, this platform gains like 100K new channels everyday. I feel like I'm CONSTANTLY finding new people.
  • [ – ] ThatRandomCosplayer reply I uploaded a small video today, Im thinking of Uploading two videos a week for now :) and Thank you again if it wasn't for you and FireRam I would of never discovered this web sight
    • [ – ] Dragoninkmusic parent reply Hey it's Cody! Just followed your channel, now make the toast channel!
      • [ – ] FireRam parent reply could @ThatRandomCosplayer not just use the one channel and upload a series called Tony the toast onto it saves a lot of work in trying to manage 2 channels @Dragoninkmusic
    • FireRam parent reply No problem Cody, oh btw just a hint if you mention someone in the comments sections if you put an @ in front of their name that will give them a notification @ThatRandomCosplayer
  • [ – ] the_epilepsy_guy reply Ummm what drugs is your cat on?
  • [ – ] AmandaFood reply Your song was everything lol
  • [ – ] theoldsparrow reply Just as a warning my fakedar detector went off on the Review tech channel. He's got 628k subscribers on youtube and only one video with an unlinked account here. Definitely will check out WaRaRa. I need to learn how to make a thumbnail one of these days and I love anime so we have something in common.
    • Calibri_Funtimes parent reply I really appreciate your "fakedar detector" I have a sneaking suspicion that this isn't the only place where this video has been uploaded. Hmmm.....Not sure how to verify this information.
  • [ – ] I_Am_RaRa reply Wait, what? lol My thumbnail video is mostly a parody of how people do thumbnails. Glad you like it :)
  • [ – ] JustABloke reply A Large Purple Percy Purse, from Mama Funtimes (if I had 1) .. but seriously, my house keys. I would go nuts wondering if my house had been broken in to.
  • [ – ] USUandS reply I agree making about having a good thumbnail, its something I'm always thinking about at least. WaRaRa looks interesting, I'll have to check him out. Another great showcase calibri!
    • Calibri_Funtimes parent reply Glad you found these channels interesting, @USUandS! Thank you for your really kind words! Your motivation keeps me driving!
  • [ – ] FireRam reply I can never leave the house without my mobile!!!
    • Calibri_Funtimes parent reply Right? I feel positively exposed if I forget my phone somewhere. It feels like I'm not wearing shoes or something else important @FireRam
  • [ – ] Dragoninkmusic reply That's actually the one kind of let's play I'd actually watch, and I will definitely be checking out the tutorial channel as well. The cat didn't seem very amused though lol
  • Freighttrain reply i just got back on vidme and saw this! great video, i like the idea, and its really cool you found me! what are the chances? thanks for the kind words, keep up these videos they're quite entertaining!
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