One Reason I HATE Car Dealerships

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  • [ – ] JannaJonna reply Fortunately my boyfriend is a wizard when it comes to cars. He bought me a new one (old car but new to me), fixes it when needed so that we don't have to be dealing with outsiders and pay them. I would be in so much trouble without him :D especially all the repairs would have bankrupted me if I had to go to a professional mechanic to do them. Watching your video made me realize how lucky I am.
    • MrJoelDee parent reply Thank you so much. πŸ˜€ Yes you are very fortunate to have someone who knows cars so well. I only went to the dealer because on recalls like that, the local mechanic can't do it, or do it and it be no charge. It's stupid I think
  • [ – ] Y2JayDoesAsia reply I got my car from a dealer, luckily I had no problem. Another dealershiup though, scatched off the milage of the timing belt chang in the enginebay and then tried to sell it to me on the premise of "Oh I assume it's had a new timing belt, but I can't see when". However I SAW with my OWN eyes in the enginebay where the mileage was and had been cleaned off and I could just barely read what it used to say. And guess what, that vehicle has overdue for a new belt and the dealer wasn't being upfront about it. I walked away from that dealership.
    • MrJoelDee parent reply I hate dealerships. They're all so crooked, I never deal with one unless I absolutely have to. Any work, oil changes, etc., gets done by a mechanic that I would trust with my life, and any vehicle I buy, I usually go to like Car Max where there's no haggling and I get the vehicle checked out by this same mechanic before I buy.
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