Las Vegas shooter's hotel records wiped

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  • ClimatePonziLie reply The entire thing looks staged as the windows were busted out and the curtains flapping in the broken windows, if he was prepared enough to set up cameras outside of the suite why didn't he also bring a glass cutter. So mush finesse then he smashes two windows but doesn't rip down the curtains so there not in his way. But they want us to believe he needed to see the police approaching his suite. This narrative that he was so prepared, Yet he doesn't take the time to pull down the curtains to ensure they wouldn't interfere or knock over his guns or security monitor. Yet there they are hanging out of the windows on full display outside the windows. Were the hallway camera's for the shooter on the fourth floor. It is looking more and more that this suite was a distraction to draw the police away from the real shooter on the fourth floor. The camera's in the hall were there to let the fourth floor shooter know when the deception was about too be exposed and it was time to pack up and leave...more. Proof Las Vegas Shooting Was a FALSE FLAG Attack - Shooter on 4th Floor
  • Star_Wars6collector reply the shooter was part of the Communist AntiaFa and a part of ISIS
  • Star_Wars6collector reply who did he give the money to that's the question they didn't answer????
  • Star_Wars6collector reply they can trace his bank records so they cant cover that up
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