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  • [ – ] Vertee reply @ThatAnimeSnob I really loved ACCA 13, was my most anticipated series that season. Any suggestions you can give for anything similar out there? P.S. Speaking of my favs - did you make or will be making your overview/review on Monster? Interested on what your opinion of it is. All the best!
    • [ – ] ThatAnimeSnob parent reply what exactly did you like about ACCA 13? also, I have very little to say about Monster
      • [ – ] Vertee parent reply Spoilers! I will begin by saying I liked the overall art style and atmosphere of it, the characters and the way they seemed all lax. Main protagonist was cool, laid back and kind of totally unaware of everything around him (or rather not caring?), when he was actually the central person of a grand potential coup. I also liked like every party wanted to play him or use him to their advantage, everything visible outright to the viewer, but not to the character (at first). Also loved how the cigarettes played a big part when they showed us what they actually symbolized. I like watching political schemes like this. Also, the background characters were cool, at least some of them had character. Like some of the people taking part in the "small revolt" in one of the states. Which the MC helped to not get executed if I recall correctly. Or some of the administrators, like the long haired dude. Also the fact each state was so very different. Some looked like totalitarian states, etc. N...moreow that I try to think about it, it's those little things and the way the story was told. Kind of how it got me in the mood. Speaking of mood, that's why I like Mushishi for example. For some reason they remind me of each other, though they are very different! Oh! And sweets and buns of course. Nothing grandiose about this title, but I just Like it so much you know? Hard to explain and sorry for the long wall of text!
      • [ – ] Klaudijus parent reply If LOTGH is your favorite anime series, so why you didn't make overview?
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