Why Dash-Cams and by extension Body-Cams are worth it.

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  • PeninaChan reply Face reveal to police and when making claims against them. No ifs, ands, or buts.
  • Broomfondle reply That's an angry trash bag right there! Surely it can't be safe to drive covered up like that? Also did she take a driving test or someone else? Who would know?>
  • The_Lamb reply Fucking hell, a walking, talking refuse bag! Nice video Suit :) Cheers.
  • Platypus67 reply What an infuriating video; this deceptive lying shit-slut has the nerve to go to the media - and in the end she tries to escape punishment by stating it wasn't even her under that fuck ugly trashbag she calls 'clothes'!!! That's exactly why you need to ban this fucking burka, hijab and nikab - bull crap (just like my country did - despite being accused to violate the "human rights codex")!!
  • [ – ] CYBERDEW41 reply Meanwhile, in Saudi Arabia and Iran, women are fighting to get out of the burqa. (Suit, what are "P plates?") I'd call her a cunt only she lacks the warmth and the depth.
    • [ – ] Muddywaters parent reply P Plates = Provisional licence, a graded system of driving experience that progressively takes effect after completing learner requirements - Red P provisional - Green P provisional - full licence. Each stage has differing requirements and penalties.
      • [ – ] CYBERDEW41 parent reply So she couldn't even drive, weaving around the road. No doubt, because of the obscuring headwear. Shaking my head. Thank you kindly for the explanation!
        • [ – ] Muddywaters parent reply It would have been her driving that attracted attention and prompted the check. To claim it was what she was wearing is massively unlikely given she was pulled over after being followed at night. I doubt the officer would have even known what she was wearing before approaching her.
          • [ – ] CYBERDEW41 parent reply Sorry, I wasn't being clear in my statement. What I meant to say was that she most probably could *not* see clearly out of the small slit, veiled with mesh fabric, provided for eyes in her niqab/burqa. I hypothesize that her inability to see clearly was part of the cause of her car weaving around the road. I did not mean to imply that the officer saw what she was wearing and pulled her over. The niqab/burqa worn without widening the slit for the eyes, obscures vision, and for this reason alone should not be worn while driving.
            • Muddywaters parent reply I agree, it was her that claimed she was being victimised and was pulled over because she was wearing that particular garment. I agree with you that wearing such a garment could indeed be restrictive to vision. I get the sense from her actions that she wears this garb to attract attention.
  • Muddywaters reply I am glad this happened as it helps demonstrate just one of the issues this medieval religion creates with its primitive creed.
  • Marchman reply Not only we host them in our community, and make them feel special by giving them social allowance money to life comfortable, now they find every excuse to siphon for more with the endless racist card, and that is going on everywhere, just despicable!
  • NevadaArcade reply money should be no object when the safety of our men and women are concerned, new follower, glad I found you
  • supernova743 reply So not only is this evidence of a crime but a good reason why people should be forced to remove their veil any time they provide id so that it can be confirmed.
  • rxantos reply Now I understand why Arabs don't let their women drive.
  • [ – ] charlieM60 reply Yeah, it was totally because I am female that a policeman once stopped me, not because my broken indictor....sexist.... :)
  • 3oddbits reply Still need to ban the burqa. PERIOD.
  • Emil_Emilius reply Her children will be better off without her and her husband.
  • PsychoticPhilosophyPodcast reply Zarna and Hugh Mungus
  • PsychoticPhilosophyPodcast reply Like when women make claims that they have been raped, there may be no proof, but the courts tend to side with the woman's allegations and the man gets screwed over by "justice."
  • whyte_rabbit reply The more I see women trouncing around in burkas, the more I realise what a power trip it is. They are well aware that the act of covering your face sends a particular message, and has certain privileges, and by god, they milk this.
  • Turbo_Spice reply Sorry...I misheard her name, thinking this was a school friend of mine was horrifying...Even scarier that she could've gone muslim. Learn from my 1st husband and keep far away from that CRAP!
  • skullytmcgra reply Muslim is a religious group not a race and if you live in Europe or America should take off the burqa if she is doing something wrong and if the people still being little bitches over what i said then you need help. Their a lot of good reason to get rid of that burqa because what if she pulls a revenge on the cop. What you going to cheer her on if she trys to kill someone. Australia don't need that shit around their minds because look at Sweden that shits not working. More women are being rape or kill but Sweden president don't give two shits. This is why people live in fear and the far left communist bullshit don't help matters.
  • draconath reply hahaha if they ban the burka over this I will be on the floor laughing
  • iamli3 reply suit would you fucking believe it today i saw a meme showing police cars with their hoods up saying when they do that you know they're up to evil cause it blocks the dashcam , literally lol.....
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