Gab Still Under Attack, and Still Winning

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  • [ – ] HadesXY reply greetings from switzerland where you can play wolfenstein with actual swastikas
    • Platypus67 parent reply Which is a mindful exception; the swastika symbol it self is prohibited. But the game is CLEARLY anti nazi so they probably let it slip... There were different examples with the same symbol which WAS censored - like for expl. the "HEILMANN" comic (which was clearly anti nazi aswell...).
    • VybeyPantelonez parent reply RTCW: Enemy Territory (qiii engine) was my shiiiizzzznittttt back in the day. I learned every bit of german i know from that game including: NEIN and KEIN PROBLEM (german accent).
  • [ – ] houseofmirrors reply Styx, Switzerland is a country where you can be jailed for "liking" a Facebook post that the authorities deem "hate speech" because liking it implicitly reposts it, therefore making you guilty of publishing it yourself. I would be very concerned about a social media company hosting or setting up shop there.
    • XhoXhuXhamen parent reply Sorry to learn that you live in a totalitarian dictatorship! I thought it was so much better in Switzerland. Shame, that!
  • [ – ] Brandon95 reply The only gripe I have in regards to Vidme is when you get a notification and click on it it doesn't automatically take you to the video like on YouTube, other than that I'm enjoying Vidme. Huffpost, New York Times, and Salon will eventually be thrown into the trash bin of history and will be forgotten and it'll be a glorious day when that happens, we'll clank our spoons in celebration on that glorious day and praise almighty Kek. 🐸
    • [ – ] VybeyPantelonez parent reply Vidme is also a tighter community, which means higher quality comments. Me likey
      • macrox6 parent reply Exactly, but let us not just focus on our community and try to spread the spoon clanking. I mean, that's what got the left into the bind it is in now. Stuck into communities that only say positive things, no criticism. Let us be open for critisism, and let's let the haters come in. Even for just a bit(then we smother them in the ether that is the comment background, mwahahahahhaa)...
  • [ – ] VybeyPantelonez reply I don't agree with you on everything but i appreciate your work on the alt tech issue and you are a first class fellow #libertarian . Sorry i can't donate more often but I left you $20 bucks since this is a very important issue to me. I think part of the reason vidme stopped growing is because last week there were constant buffering problems on the android app. This probably caused a lot of people to stop using it. I personally, am in it for the long haul here as i think it is incredibly important that youtube have a competitor. A lot of awesome people are on yt still and i miss them quite a bit... i don't even have a problem with yt/google but being a free market kinda dude: i think competition is the key to solving censorship issues. If all else fails we will call upon uncle sam to help out; but as it stands now, I'd rather just build a competitor. Having fun commentary like yours makes the transition a lot easier and plus since you often are shirtless i don't even have to go ...moreelsewhere for my fap material. Toodles
  • [ – ] The_Eldritch_Bee reply Vidme has free background play on the app, YouTube it's $10 a month. I'm sold!!!
    • [ – ] VybeyPantelonez parent reply Yeah that was REALLY smart move on their part. We need to be patient with vidme. Building a large community will take time but I'd rather have quality over quantity anyway. Styx is doin work to build the site!! We all should be.
  • Cynical-Bastard reply Minds is great too, but Gab has got some major hurdles to get over, and I'm not saying with their platform's efficacy- it's fucking TO GOOD. That is going to be a pervasive problem for them in any foreseeable future. Especially in Switzerland, as one user, houseofmirrors, noted. I am fucking sick of this idiocy. In America. This. This America is the last bastion of hope, fuck sakes!
  • kirill_nek0 reply Yes, Komrade- you are ahead. SHADILAY!
  • [ – ] American_Devil reply I've been using gab for a week now, kinda lonely in there...I was cock blocked on YouTube for MMJ videos, educational, no promotion of drug use, etc...This was just last year before all the legalization... Now every bodies smokin' tough on there... I actually think it was because I had UK based subscribers because I had less than 100 subscribers, I mean Not popular at all, I had to have had a hater that went out of their way, (I know I did)...I really like bitchute but it needs more users! I've been using minds too it's pretty cool, :)
  • tonygreene113 reply greetings from florida. tampa's pretty hot today.
  • Wolfskinz reply Twitter has scat. Porn animal porn.. it's fkin, dumb.
  • Black_Tower reply I want Vidme to be able to transfer to my TV as YouTube does.
  • VybeyPantelonez reply "We're ahead of you in the meme war" .... LMAO! Love it.
  • [ – ] 173 reply Social Media is a threat to the Republic.
  • ClimatePonziLie reply YouTube is very corrupt, and promotes race baiting as it recommends corrupt police videos after corrupt police video. It is going out of it's way to create the narrative that all police are corrupt. It will recommend ANTIFA video's of then assaulting Trump supporters, but if the title is ANTIFA schooled it will ask you to sign in and confirm your age. YouTube is just like the MAIN stream media that has gone out of it's way to create social divide and Race baiting, calling those that support the flag as the equivalent of NAZI's. They want to push the multicultural open boarders society so as to eliminate any locality to your country and it's flag. That is why YouTube proudly allows you to watch statues be vandalized and ANTIFA attack hard working people and label them as RACIST trying to use shaming language to manipulate people into submission. Remember ISLAM IS NOT A RACE. It is a death cult, so you have every right to be ISLAMOPHOBIC. CBC calls sharia law "nothing to fear"
  • MardukGKoB reply Seize the memes of production!
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