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  • [ – ] SilentGamer reply Great Stealth brother hahaha :D
  • [ – ] Calibri_Funtimes reply I adored these games, up until Black Flag...that was the last one I truly enjoyed playing. Anyway, this gameplay footage looks like something out of an RPG, or something like a turn-based combat game.
    • [ – ] Rage_By_Nightfall parent reply I actually didn't really like Black Flag. Origins is pretty good. Definitely having a lot of fun playing this game. I can see where you would say it has RPG elements but to me it reminds me a bit of Farcry but in third person.
      • [ – ] Calibri_Funtimes parent reply I think I really just enjoyed Black Flag because of the fact that I was basically a pirate for the entire game LOL
        • Rage_By_Nightfall parent reply Yeah, everyone wants to be a pirate of have the idea of being a pirate. It was a pretty original idea but it was alright. My favorite was Brotherhood. I really liked that one ALOT.
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