Going to Bat for Bill Maher: A Rant

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  • CorpseDragon reply Niggas be crazy
  • TiberiusDuraga reply Thing is, Nigger was a term that meant "ignorant fool" before it became associated with the Blacks
  • Capt_Nemo reply Heh. "The town elders from Footloose" I see what you did there. I often wondered if Bill and Dennis were able to keep that friendship. Especially in these, I'm-always-right-and-screw-everyone-else times we live in.
  • StolenMoment reply Maher's father was top dog at NBC news. He does have rare and short lucid moments.
  • Fighting_Zenith reply If there is one thing I don't like both Maher and Franken: their imitators are worse. (E. G. Sirkowski on Newgrounds, Sam T Nelson aka Ebolaworld/Samination, Paul Joseph Watson on InfoWars, etc.) At least John Oliver has some good points. (Penn & Teller Bullshit and John Stossel are still better.) By the way, you should go after Lamar White, Jr. next; He's a journalistic embarassment.(http://cenlamar.com)
  • Angry-Quad reply Siffting through your rants crack me the fuck up! Your point about trying to reserect the 60's riots! SPOT ON!! There is no creativity in this new generation of protesters! It's as if their parents are guiding them. SAD...
  • insaneonthemembrane reply nigga is still better than fucking black lazy cunt, don't you think?
  • LinuxWizzerd reply The left is just jealous that they have no good comedians
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