My first lens for the Panasonic G85? Lumix 15mm f/1.7 Review!

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  • [ – ] VictorSavelle reply Nice! I totally was looking at the G85 as well! Lenses really do work well with the cameras of choice. It's all a work of art! :)
    • [ – ] JuanBagnell parent reply I was very surprised by how good a bang for buck this camera is. STUPID high bitrate UHD video. It edits really well, and looks incredible, though obviously I'm still learning my way around how the camera meters. Only bummer for me is a slower minimum shutter speed for still photos (would prefer 1/8000), but as video kit, I think it punches well above its price tag.
      • [ – ] VictorSavelle parent reply The G85 is indeed highly regarded as a good video creator's choice, pairing it with good lenses must be a good feeling! I have pondered for a long time, bit the bullet on the Canon 7D with a Sigma 18-35 F2.0, this pairing for me took months of saving but I do like the results. Good review here sir! I appreciate the quality content on this new video hosting site! :)
  • [ – ] YeastPriest reply NICE!
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