Wrong About Racism?

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  • OralRobots reply The fellow from Haiti needs to understand that all of this race-baiting, identity politics, and divisive rhetoric doesn't come from the American people themselves, and was practically non-existent for most of the 50 years I've been alive. This is a very recent development which the corporate-owned media is clearly driving in order to further a broader globalist agenda. Promoting racial division isn't the end in itself, but rather one of many divide-and-conquer tactics that will be discarded once it has served its purpose. The real objective is to destabilize the United States and undermine its sovereignty by destroying the people's morale, their sense of unity, their love of country and culture, their faith in the basic correctness of their system of governance, and other common bonds which have been the strength of the nation for over two hundred years. I don't pretend to understand the full scope of the globalist agenda, but it clearly exists, and it clearly considers the combined st...morerength of the American people to be a deterrence to its aims.
  • Mogurt reply YouTube likes penis.
  • Larryeo reply Eddie, You did a great job getting your points across.
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