London terror, Bunkers and the Flat Earth

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  • [ – ] rise-up reply the earth is flag. the globe is cultural Marxism, brain washing... if fucking flat.
  • [ – ] Steve_Trueblue reply Flat earth is Cultural Marxism attempting to install self doubt along the lines of gender fluidity etc.
    • [ – ] Good_News_This_Morning parent reply Cultural Marxism is a thing. But how do claims that the earth is flat install self doubt? Interesting comment.
      • [ – ] Steve_Trueblue parent reply Some people are naturally prone to self doubt and bit of bullying can cause them serious disorientation. It does a society damage Scientific studies of a room full of insiders, can by social pressure shouting etc make some people AGREE that 2+2=5. Flat earth is an attack on a society, to weaken it, like gender fluidity, self hate for slavery etc.
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