Kill la Kill : Sexy Warriors of High School!

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  • [ – ] idontneedhealing reply The contrast of your intro was hilarious.
  • [ – ] c_arnold03 reply Bondage magical girls?
    • [ – ] FreshSocksFox parent reply Hmmm.....yes and no xD
      • [ – ] c_arnold03 parent reply Really? That's unfortunate. Something else that's unfortunate is that you didn't remind folks to consider supporting you through patreon on your exit. A little script to remind you of what to say on your episode wraps would probably help you there.
        • FreshSocksFox parent reply Well kill la kill is great though. It's not about the eechi, it's about the plot. Also I feel like promoting my pateron everytime at the end is too much in your face. Whenever I see that in videos, I just pause it and go to the next one.
  • theoldsparrow reply Mako is a wonderful comedic relief character. I also found Nudist Beach pretty funny in the over the top kind of funny. I'm a huge fan of over the top. Partly why I like Keijo so much. The ecchi is so over the top you kind of don't view the fanservice as fanservice anymore and you're more interested in the fights and the silly things they would do.
  • FreshSocksFox reply I would also like to thank @theoldsparrow for tipping me so I'd be able to get a nichijou dvd set ^^ I'm watching it as we speak. Thank chu!
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