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  • [ – ] PREPVETUK reply Maybe the #Grenfell tower fire should be a wake up call for ANYONE who lives in a building taller than 4 floors. I cannot imagine being in a situation, trapped and not having the ability to breathe..... For the sake of a mask! What price to you put on your life!
    • geordieprepper parent reply Hopefully it will be a wake up call. There is a reason they told those people to stay in place and why that policy exists in other flats around the country. Because they can't reach them in time. They know if a fire is serious enough they occupants will succumb to smoke. They don't have the firefighting equipment that can reach above the 4th floor and by the time firemen get to the floors above the 4th and people haven't already left then they know they are going to be removing corpses.
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