Fatbike-Trail tips and speed settings

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  • [ – ] mattzr2blazer reply Wow. That bike is awesome. I have asthma also. I never knew there were bikes power assisted electrically. I only knew of the gas ones.
    • gamerdadster parent reply Indeed, see my other video. This is assist only, so it can be used anywhere a bike can. Some cities are cracking down on bikes that are throttle controlled, it is just a matter of time before they cash grab and make licensing mandatory. No throttle here, if you don't pedal, you go nowhere really fast. I hope this is something you can consider, and help get you outdoors, it has helped me, even in winter I got out several times.
  • gamerdadster reply As per my last video, I must apologize, this was a video I created before I knew of Vid.me site. I have a few more that I will post, and after that there will be no more introductions as such.
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