Making a Gear Shelf! / Video Blog #1

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  • [ – ] duffy reply More videos like this!
  • grahamburdick reply I love the way you edit your videos!
  • [ – ] Rawman reply Oh wow this is really cool! your edit style was very engaging. Last year i got into vlogs, more specifically Casey Neistat, and I liked the whole pace of a well made vlog. You really kept this enjoyable to watch. great stuff! like duffy said, more videos like this!
    • [ – ] HumbleFilm parent reply Thanks so much! I try to keep my videos fast-paced/engaging, I'm glad you enjoyed! We will definitely make more videos like this, and I'm daily vlogging over on @AvesMHL if you're interested :)
      • Rawman parent reply sure thing ill try my best to keep updated you really do have a knack for this its very impressive work.
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