How Characters Come To Life - Character Design/Animation Demo Reel

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  • sarah reply This is super cool! I love seeing the process from start to finish, especially the first concept design sketches.
  • [ – ] Calibri_Funtimes reply Seeing processes from concept to final product is INCREDIBLY fascinating to me. Thanks for sharing!
  • DizzyD reply Amazing work, man!
  • LittleOatplanter reply nice job man! loving the new banner! I'm working on mine at the moment, should be done soon enough (I hope)
  • TurtleTantrums reply I love watching these kinds of videos, great to see the creative processes behind your characters. Love the art styles and the animations. Also fantastic music! :D
  • [ – ] mintteamew reply 10/10 will watch again. This is wonderful. Great work.
    • [ – ] AnarchyofAdam parent reply Thanks! Thanks for the comment, but also for adding this and other videos to you watch later album and your featured album! It's really neat to see how much everyone on this platform really appreciates seeing art like this and watching it come to life.
      • mintteamew parent reply I really like your characters and I'll be looking into some of your other social media to learn more about them. I'm a huge art/animation fan!
  • TheJamesShow reply This looks awesome, I like how the characters look :D
  • Alexander-LR reply Oh wow ! This is really spot on ! :)
  • AnarchyofAdam reply @sarah Thanks! I made this to send to studios if I need to, but I thought some people would be interested in seeing the demo and how characters can go from sketch to complete.
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