Meet The Piston Power Pro by Logiix

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  • iAmEnglishTV reply Not a scam i am still dealing with UPS on their lost package. Still waiting on my sponsors to reship the products which they sent me. Im the guy in the middle. When i get it sorted you will hear from me. I have done plenty of giveaways but when this happens you can't fix it once it out of your hands. I dont have the products to send until I get them. Which is why i asked you to send me your credentials to send them a different way once i get the products.
  • Mrtez300 reply hey hi still haven't heard back from you yet. it's been well over a month and i still haven't received my giveaway that I've won, so with that being said im just going to ask the Question..... was that whole giveaway a SCAM just so you can get followers and views, because at this point i did not get anything no emails, no messages, no nothing and it's been more than a month. but anyway Im not mad hope you have a great day brotha and God bless :)
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