Can a DOS Program Provide the BEST Distraction-Free Writing Experience? - WordStar 4.0 Impressions

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  • [ – ] EconaelGaming reply 5:44 Holy shit Conan is unfunny
  • NoRights reply Very interesting vid. Reminded me of the time I decided to install System 7 for nostalgia sake and found somebody made a Twitter app for it :V You've probably seen the WordStar clone WordTsar, though it hasn't been updated since 2014 and the official site's been hacked. If you want something across Windows and Linux you might want to check out Trelby. I went plain text with most of my writing a while back because you can run it through anything across platforms. I like TaskPaper for outlining tasks. Fountain seems popular for screenwriting. I should probably learn Markdown for blogging. Keep up the good work! Here's a shared list of sources I threw together if anybody's interested
  • [ – ] Sassaki reply Have you tried using VIM?
  • [ – ] Mark_Nay reply 3:00 - Look, it's Unity! Cya pal
    • EposVox parent reply I make tutorials for newbies who get very confused if something other than stock Ubuntu is being shown
  • [ – ] alexinwonderland reply I've always thought it weird I could only write comfortably on Windows XP. The other day I discovered Virtual Machines. I'M GOING BACK TO WINDOWS 3.1 DAMMIT
  • [ – ] PretzelWizard reply If you want a simple terminal-based word processor, I recommend JOE or "Joe's Own Editor." Switching out of your X session using the ctrl-alt-f6 shortcut, then logging in and running joe provides perhaps the most distraction free word processing possible without using DOS and whatnot as long as you can prevent yourself from switching out back into your X session. Optimally you could just boot Linux into console mode by editing your GRUB config.
    • [ – ] PretzelWizard parent reply I should mention that JOE is based heavily on WordStar, and saves the files in a plain text file, so there's no need for bizarre file conversion.
  • [ – ] Luciful_Mephisto reply If youre not too afraid of using anything thats browser based I would say "Writer" from the site "writer.bighugelabs(dot)com" would be the best way to go. Its pretty much a cleaner looking version of DOS except you can change the text colour (I prefer green) and you can even choose to have typing sound effects such as a mechanical or electronic typewriter. I think it even converts to just about any format you need (cant remember).
    • [ – ] Luciful_Mephisto parent reply Btw, its free. Tho you can choose to purchase additional features.
      • [ – ] EposVox parent reply Yeah but if it's in browser then I'm guaranteed to still get distracted lol
        • Luciful_Mephisto parent reply Lol, thats understandable. Tho if youre not referring to the Internet but the distraction of the browser itself, than I should also recommend that you give Epiphany a shot, which is made for Linux. Im using Epiphany right now, both the site and the browser looks like they were literally made for each other. Mine looks about like this but black (tho that maybe due to a theme my system is using) htt p://jfnlinuxproject(dot)blogspot(dot)com/2012/07/ephiphany-browser-v334(dot)ht ml What can I say, I guess Im a minimalist at heart.
  • [ – ] EconaelGaming reply The main point of WordStar 4.0 is supposedly the way the user interacts with it, which is said to be wholly different from modern text processing software. How did you find the controls? WS4.0 sounds like something which should be easy to code for modern operating systems. Then just create a different user for writing, which does not have a plethora of distracting apps running automatically (and maybe even internet connectivity disabled) and you should have the same experience as WordStar 4.0, without the hassle of the file format.
  • [ – ] TallTaleTV reply Oh god, I'm just old enough to recognize that logo! Interesting concept, I think I'd just grab a used laptop running windows 7 and only load a word processor though. That white on black screen would kill my eyes. I'll spread the word to all my author buddies, thanks for the tip!
    • EposVox parent reply Haha and most word processors hurt my eyes for the opposite - light backgrounds and dark text are not eye friendly for most people.
  • [ – ] madel_schmadel reply That embedded sponsor in this video is what users should be moving to on YouTube and just forget about being at the mercy of YT's politicized demonetization rampage. It's such a win because not only is your relationship directly with your sponsor so YouTube can't yank it away, it's also incredibly beneficial to the kind of sponsor who supports videos like the ones they're supporting. Anyway, totally off-topic but I wanted to comment on it.
  • [ – ] blindfire reply I prefer using a pencil and notebook as a distraction free writing tool. Yes, I know it isn't digital, but if you give me a computer I will probably get distracted by something. I would rather write it out, and use some kind of speech to text program to make if I'm lazy and I don't feel like typing something I've already written. If I had to make a digital way of writing I'd go with a low cost netbook, wipe it and install linux, and rely on the fact that it is basically incapable of running much more than the one thing at any given time to keep the distractions away.
    • [ – ] TallTaleTV parent reply Hand edits with a pencil or red pen are awesome. Studies show writing by hand engages more of your brain. Anecdotally most of my best work comes from hand edits. If nothing else my main edit pass is always done this way.
      • [ – ] EposVox parent reply Much better for the brain, much worse for my aching hand joints. And then 2x the time to transcribe everything. BUT I do wish I could still write on paper first.
        • TallTaleTV parent reply Shorthand! You can either learn professional shorthand or come up with your own. If I circle a word, it means to find a better one. If I underline something, it means the sentence needs work. Any notes I make tend to exclude half the words so that I can still understand what I meant, but it's nowhere close to grammatically correct. Like: fix flow: beg2end + PM - bleh would mean: The flow is wrong. Switch the beginning of the paragraph to the end and add a touch of purple magic (purple magic is a description my writing group uses for creative description) and then remove the bit that I find boring (bleh). The boring bit would be struck through. When editing a 50,000 word story it saves your wrist and probably 4 hours of edit time. When editing you need to keep moving or you narrow your focus to the point you can no longer see the flow of the piece. Once my initial shorthand pass is done I go on the computer and agonize over my hand edits. I only write full sentences if something stri...morekes me.
  • [ – ] CigarBGuitarefx reply *******Perfect suggestion for you***** I don't know how often you are on Linux, but I suggest using Emacs with the -nw option. This runs Emacs in the terminal instead of a separate window. Or... and this is even more distraction free... run Emacs in a Linux TTY, kind of hard to be distracted when everything is text. Emacs is much more than a text editor. It is an IDE and a word processor as well, depending on which modes you are using. It is infinitely configurable, and some people have even turned it into a web browser. There is a slight learning curve, but the Emacs tutorial that is built in more than covers the basics. Emacs is also available for Windows, and I believe Mac. I installed it on my Windows 8.1 laptop that I have at work. I have mainly used it there to write user manuals, and a Python3 script. Personally, I mainly use Emacs as an IDE, it has been the easiest to use development environment that I have discovered. I just got a job as a programmer, can't wait to use it prof...moreessionally as my main IDE. Richard Stallman is my shepherd and I am his GNU.
  • vasily12345 reply Very informative video, however I would recommend re-recording the moments when you stutter. It really lowers the production quality of the video, but otherwise it's all good. Keep it up.
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