ADL Jews vs Evil Nazi Dr William Pierce

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  • Edvard_Johansson reply It's the exact same type of thing Democrats have been doing to their liberal supporters, and we are seeing the results of that play out on the streets today. Democrats have especially done this to minority groups, especially blacks. That is why we have seen the results of that manipulation play out none more so than in black American communities. Hitler back then was doing the same exact thing as we see Democrats doing today. The only difference is their target isn't yet the Jews. The Jews will be their target eventually, and have been to some extent, especially under Obama, but right now their primary targets for their propaganda is white people, conservatives, and Christians. The same exact things you see today, the riots, the rise of thug-groups like BLM that are blindly supportive of a particular political party and are willing to destroy and kill those who won't support that party, that's exactly what the Hitler used, that's exactly what his party used to destroy dissent. You c...morean see the error in the Democrats, but for some reason, you can't see the error in what Hitler and his party did. This is because your father carries prejudices against Jews, and while he may not even be entirely wrong, there is a point where he is grossly wrong. The Jews are not the enemy. This mentality that government is the answer to all of our problems, that we need to be rescued somehow, that government will defend us somehow, that it's somebody else's fault or responsibility somehow, this idea that it is dangerous to allow dissenting opinions like yours, for example, this is the enemy. The Jews did NOT cause this. In fact, the Jews came out of a culture built upon the Word of God which brought with it ideals of freedom and freedom to express opinions. They contributed those ideals as they were spread out across the world as the gentile nations trampled their nation because of the Jews rejecting their God. You want to know who caused this, the true root of this entire problem that threatens the survival of freedom and ultimately the human race, it's corruption. Whether the corrupt are Jews or others, it's the corruption. What did Christ say to the Priests and Pharisee Jews? In all of those things He said, and others said, brood of vipers, won't lift a finger to help, if you understood what it means when God says He desires mercy, not sacrifice. Do you know the very first thing Christ said to the most corrupt of them, the Priests and Pharisees and teachers of the law. Do you know the very first thing he said to them at that supper gathered around the dinner table. He said, if it was not for your greed, then everything you did would be right in the eyes of God. That means all of those traditions, all of those practices, all of those things that they invented that had nothing to do with God, everything was okay in the eyes of God. It was the greed, that one tiny sin, the greed, not sexual problems, not violence, not hatred, not anything, just the greed. It was the one thing that caused them to go overboard and become oppressive to the Jews they served as Priests, Pharisees, and teachers of the law. It was not the fact that they were Jews. It was the corruption. God said that a little yeast works throughout the whole dough. That little yeast, look it up and read it, is corruption. In the Bible, I think it may be referencing specifically sin in our hearts, even something where it's only one single little sin, that little sin, the greed, it worked throughout the whole of them tainting everything they did. But you want to know the thing about the Jews, is God watches over them. The gentiles, if it weren't for the Jews, and God keeping His promises to them, we gentiles would be nothing. We would still be squirming in the muck of our despotic emperor wannabe warlords and tribal problems of superstition and nonsense. Our fathers long ago rejected God, and we became fools. Then God raised a people called the Jews from a faithful man who had not yet rejected Him called Abraham. And then when those Jews failed, God dispersed them throughout the kingdoms of the world that the accumulated learning and benefits that God provided them when they were faithful would be spread throughout every nation on earth so that we too could benefit from what they learned due to when their fathers were faithful to God and God provided what they needed. Our enemy has never been the Jew. It has always been corruption. When leaders think that they have a right to take rights away from others. You see, in the Jewish world, only God had the right to say who was and was not worthy of the rights of all men. Only God could say to spare the women and children or to slaughter them entirely, and at least once to include their enemy's animals. That concept reigned in the ears of Christians, and it was because the European peoples embraced Christ that they accepted these learnings . . . eventually from the Jews. I tell you, though they rejected their Messiah, their Messiah has not forgotten them. And you can see the proof of this in that everywhere they go, they have not forgotten who they are, and they are successful at everything they put their hands too. No where in human history is a people conquered and their people dispersed and their lands where they remember who they are and do not simply become a part of the population that conquered them. You think it is natural that the Jews still know who they are, that they haven't been entirely absorbed into the cultures of the world. No, it is by supernatural power of God who still watches over them, protects them, punishes them, and is waiting for them to call out upon their Messiah that He sent them. Indeed, in Revelation, I think Revelation, God says to the Jews that those horrendous things happening, the time of the 2nd Coming will happen after, after the Jews cry out, "Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord." Look it up, it may be Matthew. I don't remember. Now, we see how the Jews as a people are towards Christianity, so we know that this is not going to happen until they are looking at their own extinction and realize that they were wrong, and that they should never have taken the side of those they trusted. And that kind of suffering is not going to happen until the time of the antiChrist for which Christ told them that they would accept one who comes in his own name, though they reject Him who comes in the name of the Father. I tell you also, it is not given to the Jews to be our dictators. It is not given to them to rule the world until they do so as servants of the most high God, and that will not happen until their Messiah, and then it won't by them that they rule, but by Christ and those Christ has given to rule with Him for that thousand years.
  • Edvard_Johansson reply You shouldn't view an entire group of people in the way you were taught growing up, but rather in the way God would have you view them. And God told us to treat others as we would have them treat us. So, you should rather view them in the way that you would want them to view you. What you're telling us, these videos, none of them are based on the facts you spend so much time researching. They are just rhetoric, empty baseless accusations meant to drive people into an emotional state of fear that they must defeat this enemy called the Jew.
  • lee69 reply good video
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