Falling Down The (Spam Filled) Rabbit Hole

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  • [ – ] nodetact reply Sam, I can only hope that you're not entirely all that afraid and more on the action of all of this shit spawning. And even if you are afraid, there is more to it than just the criticism you may get from some of the comments circulated around my own here: The will to block list even your own followers. When Bill Miller followed me, I didn't have to know he neutrally maintained my fan base if I had only looked at my profile, but because I had all my notifications on (I'll deactivate them as I grow in due time) I knew something was fishy when I was still at 14 followers. And then Basic Goku unfollowed me, well I mean what did I expect if I was going to talk behind his back about how concerning he was for me? For all I know even he could be a spam or follow for follow account! I ought to implement your block list courage for myself, as when I admit to myself that it comes down to it, about half of my own current followers are either not active enough or are too controversial to expect an ...moreaudience engagement or even views/money from them. It's gonna suck a ton, but at least those of the Vidizens that don't view, upvote, comment, subscribe or tip my videos in future reference surely had a better motive than just being a disgusting jut of loss. But Charlton is the big cheese so far, as he effectively fooled me the hardest hitting way to: He seemed too real, even with his mass following scheme. It's one thing if these online users (not real Vidizens by heart!) are robots or scams literally built upon the criminal, corporate and what have you in place for such lowly priorities, but for particular poor, oh so misled souls just trying to make sense out of their lives by being this shallow and deceptive, that reveals the horrid truth it's bad for more than just us by then...
    • [ – ] SamEarl13 parent reply Good comment, sadly blocking doesn't work like Twitter as I had hoped (on Twitter blocking would force people to unfollow you). Also sad that a lot of follow spammers are actual content creators that somehow understand why they don't get genuine interactions (even though its because a lot don't comment or watch other videos).
      • [ – ] nodetact parent reply I just tried it now and it's like you say, they have to unfollow me before its finally under my control. So your random creator/video and overall intensive account analyses actually are done in tricky yet good measure to keep these clutters at bay! Though now that you mention it, my channel does seem a little suspicious with video views and no videos (even though anyone could tell what I did to those two first videos in a heartbeat), and if to clear up any other confusions as well as to just finally contribute to this wonderful community, at least one video of myself with no take backsies to remove it all over again or even if to not ever blatantly ignore my feed back, then a bit of that confirmation would come in handy. I was hoping I didn't have to use my other social media platforms until even further past verification (even if only to help my channel here) but it's better to be safe than sorry for what its worth.
        • [ – ] SamEarl13 parent reply I totally noticed those videos, it was unfortunate but I trust one day you'll upload a video with no problems. Although in a way you're already contributing to the community with your great comments and feedback :D
          • nodetact parent reply When uploading those hot messes, I was being arrogant with even my own dedication and efforts, because I knew how much more of a semblance it would strike within my fans if even an amateur content creator had at least attempted at video editing... But the attempts were supposed to have the complete effect of doing well with what I had and could do, and not even the 3 second slides slideshow was an indicator of that. It's not easy for you guys to tell why I do certain things because sometimes I'm acting in spite of restraint than freedoms (no drivers license, parents at my other house may get terse if I start buying my own channel upgrades, Vidme accessing smartphone gets random phone calls from "Domingo" having all these coworkers, etc.). But quite frankly, yeah, all my positivity and insightfulness has long and far paid off, even if not overnight. I somehow slowly gained activity here so the experience and community trusts are more sloped than flatlined, lol!
    • nodetact parent reply *Bill Miller is actually a real and great guy, just like the 6+ of my own current Vidizen follower collection are. Also, Basic Goku has the same banner as one of the accounts you exposed, so he's fake?
  • MysticSword reply Lol. That guy following almost 60,000 channels. Crazy. But yeah, good video Sam. I also don't go for that follow-for-follow nonsense, which I think is quite useless. I'd rather have 1 sincere / genuine follower rather than 1000 fake followers that didn't have any interest in my content. Ok, keep up the good work. Cheers! :)
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