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FNaf World - WTF IS THIS THING - Auto Chipper Boss Battle - Walkthrough Gameplay Part 1 Video

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April 4 2017

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FNaf World - WTF IS THIS THING - Auto Chipper Boss Battle - Walkthrough Gameplay Part 1 Video . My name is Purpleoak and welcome to a game called FNaf World. It is an rpg style five nights at freddys game. In the gameplay walkthrough I introduce you to the fnaf characters of Fnaf world. You get to see a boss fight as well against Auto Chipper. The main characters you can get in the beginning are Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, and Foxy. This will be part 1 and I may do a few more videos as well. The Auto Chipper Boss Battle gets pretty intense and makes me mad kinda haha. So I hope you guys enjoy this Fnaf World walkthrough Gameplay. FNaF World takes place in a world inhabited by the animatronics featured in the original series. The world is divided into several locales, including the starting location, Fazbear Hills, the home of the animatronics. The other locales include a snowy plain, deep forests, graveyard, lake, carnival, and caves. There also exists an inner dimension known as the "Flipside", the world's game code, in which there are several glitches that enable travel to otherwise unreachable places. The Flipside has four layers in total, although going beyond the third level is a point of no return. * Channel Link - * Recent Upload - * Twitter - * Google+ - * Facebook - " Instagram - * Tumblr - * Sharre - - Some Of My Playlists- - Penumbra: Twilight Of The Archaic - Playlist - - Amnesia: The Dark Descent - Playlist - - Transmissions: Elements 120 - Playlist - - Nightmare House 2 - Playlist - The player has two modes to play in: Adventure and Fixed Party. The game also has two difficulty levels to choose from, Normal and Hard. The player starts by choosing two parties consisting of four characters each. The starter characters, the original and toy versions of the first main games characters, can all be swapped in and out of the party. As the player continues, they collect more characters to place in their party. Along the way, a character known as Fredbear will give the player tips on what to do next. These tips frequently break the fourth wall due to Fredbear's seeming awareness of the situation he is placed in. The gameplay consists of exploring through the game world and accessing new areas. Once new areas are revealed and a special button is pressed in them, the player can use "Jumping" to teleport between each area through an overworld map. Initially, the world was depicted in a 2D 8-bit style, but as of Version 1.2 released in May 2016, the world has been redesigned into that of a fully animated 3D style. Many enemy characters can be found throughout the game, each exclusive to their own area, which can be battled with. Upon defeating an enemy, the player will gain experience points and "Faz tokens", which are used to buy upgrades such as chips and bytes to aid the player during the game. Some of my Tools I have available are TubeBuddy - & FREEDOM MCN - #gameplay #horrorgame #fnaf #fnafsisterlocation #fnafsl #fnafanimation #fnaf2 #fnaf1 #fnaffoxy #fivenightsatfreddys #fivenightsatfreddyssisterlocation #fnafworld #rpg #rpggames

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