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  • TheArcadecrew reply THE CLIMAX WAS AWESOME!!
  • TheArcadecrew reply I 100% agree guys. I only loved this movie for two reason. #1 Darth Vader is finally badass as he should be and #2 It's telling a Star Wars story. Not great but they still are telling it. I was totally down for Grand Moff Tarkin to be in it which he was, but I would have loved for Darth Vader to be more prominent in it. True guys very true
  • Retrodude1 reply I am taking you out for lunch XD CUT 🤣
  • iasi94 reply I can't still get over Carrie Fisher dying
  • KuleCakes reply Rouge Wars: A Star One Story
  • PorkCow reply Zombie Gungans attack a Cantina: a Star War directed by Sam Esmail Darth Vader and Tarkin build an entourage: a Star War directed by Paul Thomas Anderson Harvey Korman Clicking His Tongue for 90 Minutes: a Star War directed by a CG David Lynch
  • MasterX_ROB reply You guys are great! I'm glad your paying respect to Carrie fisher as well.
  • ZolarVerde reply Star Wars: A Rouge One story
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