VidMe - For the Sake of Potentially Abused Children, Don't Censor This

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  • chrishazfun reply You ​should republish under Brainfood, this isn't a Vlog.
  • Geeks-Peak reply How the fuck is this a vlog?
  • DieNetaDie reply jail more politicians
  • Rawman reply Wow this shocking stuff. Didn't really make me feel great about life but i get it its an important discussion​. You should have used anotations and stuff to describe some of the points better. I like how the dude at the end used alex jones video then was like subscribe to me for more if you enjoyed that lol.
  • Haz3l reply Here is a Clue: Media Matters is a David Brock news site. Look into David Brock and follow the money. People like him took Alex Jones out of context. You want the truth? Go check out the full story at infowars. com
  • janenh reply Will someone enlighten me on A Jones? Rather than name calling. I really WANT to know. He has helped enlighten the public to the corruption in our government, including myself but, what is the basis of some of the subtle and blatant insinuations/accusations against him?
  • [ – ] Raynor9899 reply I not a fun of him either he is a liar scumbag payed sellout controlled oppsition.Pedoplhiles are yes as the Knights of Templars are real just question that on Alex jones sites and you are getting banned from the comment section.Or from the site as well.
    • [ – ] lezus88alt parent reply Correction. I am not a fan of him. He is a liar scumbag payed FUCKING SELLOUT CONTROLLING THE OPPOSITION! Pedophiles are fucking scums on the face of earth. Also could you just not say "ERRMAHGORD! YOU WILL GET BANED FOR THIS!!1!2!!" I got a bit carried away.
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