★Marvel VS Capcom 3★| [ VIDME ] PS4 Gameplay

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  • [ – ] MsLynn reply OMG!! Gorgeous game!!!
  • [ – ] JMacGAMING reply How do you upload to here I keep getting an error or do I have to do it from the computer??
  • [ – ] MysticSword reply Wonderful. I really enjoyed watching this, how excited you were playing it & kicking butt and also listening to your commentary. Cheers. \(^_^)/
  • [ – ] WORKBIRDY reply Wow that looks dope!! Is that a remake for ps4? I'm getting that lol
  • ShinyBigBoo reply I never got to play 3 much, which is unfortunate, as I prefer that installment's character selection over 2. I spent a ton of time with MvC2, so many epic matches with friends. I would LOVE to see this ported to the Switch! I love your style Ms K! Nice and simple with good quality. I need to invest in a better microphone; I've been using an Xbox One mic to record my videos hehe.
  • Ms_K reply Marvel vs Capcom PS4 Gameplay,Lets go!
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