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  • [ – ] Anonymous_Gamer reply @therunningrebel
    • therunningrebel parent reply Ugh it's been super hot and humid here in Kansas as well! Haha Gatorade is super gross. It's full of all sorts of stuff that we definitely don't need. That being said, I think sugar has been kinda demonized a bit. Yes our bodies do break down carbs into simple sugars, but those simple sugars are literary what our brains run off of! Granted most Americans do get waaay to much sugar in our diets, but I think as long as you're eating a healthy, balanced diet, the sugars that come from carbs aren't really something you need to worry about. :) I need to try this rehydrate though! I've been experimenting with different electrolyte replacements and so far Gatorade has been the only thing that actually works for me, unfortunately...I think Gatorade is gross and sticky and full of all sorts of not so great ingredients, but if I run on super hot/humid day and don't drink some Gatorade during or after my run, I get TERRIBLE headaches later in the day. So I'm seriously going to try this, because...more I'm desperately looking for something that works for me that is not Gatorade. Thanks for the recommendation!!! :)
  • Anonymous_Gamer reply You're very welcome! I agree that the sugar from carbs are what the body needs naturally but... they don't need to add a ton of extra on top of it. Cutting my sugar intake is a part of how I lost 53lbs. Of unwanted fat on top of eating healthier. I always make sure my protien is higher than my carb intake. Thank you for watching.
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