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A visit from the Easter Alligator! * And 13 more true weird news stories! #DDWN

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  • [ – ] BobbyTheSheep You have a very nice radio voice human! Interesting and weird news too. I am very scared of alligators because they would eat sheep, you know? Your Channel reminds me of TomoroNews, but actually more interesting!! Just subbed to you on YouTube! :) Looking forward to more news, especially American news --- I like to hear about things from halfway across the world from where I live in Asia! If you have the time, come and see my YouTube too? Feel free to subscribe! -- but only if you enjoy, no pressure. :) I'm glad I got the chance to discover you on! This community is great. It's easier to discover good video creators I would not have had the chance to see on too-big YouTUbe! Great stuff!
  • [ – ] Cinccave I would return the money. I would weep copiously doing it but I'd return it. I actually once did find a wallet full of money and returned it.
    • marlarhouse parent You're a good person! I've never found a large amount of money - but I would HOPE I would do the right thing and return it. I wouldn't tell my bride though, because she would want to keep it and would likely kill me in my sleep for turning it in!
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