Fnaf sister location Ennard voice

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  • [ – ] HalloweenBoy reply This is Savage Im not gonna lie this is This is a Awsome voice acting Man Good job Keep up the good work killer!
    • [ – ] Killerpez1093 parent reply Yeah of course liar
      • [ – ] HalloweenBoy parent reply U want to talk crap about me well I am totaly done with u and your channel Dont ever talk to me again this is the last time u are ever going to see me on vidme or on your channel good luck streaming and not having your fans there when i was there for the wholw time Im Disgraced with u and im done with u Goodbye killer
        • Killerpez1093 parent reply You will always be a disgrace to the channel. Also good luck with having nobody to care about you or your sucky videos. Selfish bastard
        • Killerpez1093 parent reply Good. Glad a stupid ass cyberbully is done following me. Bet your ass it will only be a matter of time before yo lil ugly ass will make a rant vid on me but again I won't respond cause I don't give a fuck about your lil stupid bitchass. Glad your gone
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