Why I LOVE vidme!

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  • [ – ] PopFizzy reply Welcome to Vidme! We love to seeing you to help others on the website!
  • ALPachiro reply I also like it because there is no down vote button. Down vote buttons aren't necessary they just create negative energy and someone who might of liked your video won't watch it because they see the dislikes.
  • [ – ] MrATAndreiThomas reply I love Vidme because they are very supportive to us small content creators and given us a chance to rise with some exposure time plus the users are extremely nice here. Unlike youtube who treat us small content creators like dirt when all they care about is money, the big channels, the big corporations and celebrity endorsements and they were dishonest about the unsubscribing bug glitch just shows I don't trust youtube no more, that's why I will never go back to Youtube's platform ever again.
  • Zimbo_Gamer reply vidme is awesome dude
  • HisRex reply Vidme is more better then youtube... More easy to do anything.
  • [ – ] SaltyFox reply yo nice vid! your content is pretty great, im following! (could you give me feedback?) vidme is a great site that is more open than YouTube and honestly i hope google doesn't buy vidme because that's what ruined youtube tbh
  • Fat_White_Elephant reply Youtube has become too big for its boots. I am so glad there is an alternative.
  • EtroSomnus reply I completely 100% agree with your points. I hope we as a community can make Vidme grow into something amazing!
  • cyrax101 reply love the vid bro :)
  • [ – ] TheUnifiers reply thank you for this great 'tutorial'. Looking forward to being a part of this lovely community :- )
    • Proto parent reply I mean if you read the description on my channel you can see that I do discussion type videos too. :P but welcome to the community my friend!
  • TorpedoToons reply I feel like this website is going to blow up and get lots of new people! I just joined today and i like it so far!
  • dls8470 reply Agree good community vibe here YT for me has become click bait titles with pretty lame content. I wish Vidme all success.
  • soulalreadysold reply Vidme is much more supportive and lovely and cuddly! I've been on YouTube since 2010 and it has gone more and more downhill ever since...
  • Fat_White_Elephant reply and the algorithm only seems to favor gaming videos. If you dont want to follow the herd you dont go anywhere
  • Old-school-modern-gamer reply I'm brand new today!!! i love vid me, going to check out some vids now, thanks bud and hope you're ok :-)
  • [ – ] HisRex reply Thanks for the follow, Varrest! :) -HisRex
  • C8sun reply It seems like an awesome place already :)
  • [ – ] haskeyem reply U suck Hahahaha
  • [ – ] BadwolfGamer reply I've been on VidMe for like 6 hours now and I'm already enjoying the wonderful experience for VidMe.
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