"Linux Thursday - MINIX in your CPU Edition" - Lunduke Show - Oct 12, 2017

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  • ThunderChild reply we need a linux phone because i know that my samsung android phone is affected with many Linux kernel vulnerabilities that would allow full root access, unlike my Arch laptop which i'm able to update regularly samesung just stopped supporting my quad-core all capable phone and demand me to buy a new one, And why i have to be always connected to the internet to be able to use many applications like the maps and translation
  • [ – ] TheSolamnic reply I feel like you're losing a lot of attention on vid.me due to you forgetting to upload here sometimes. I really enjoy your videos and hope that you can stop be screwed by YouTube's crazy democratization spree.
  • [ – ] Iumih reply Source of the MINIX thing?
  • thetinkeringcorner reply Great video as always uncle Bryan
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