Mainstream Media's Mental Gymnastics after Chicago Kidnapping

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  • ComputingForever reply When I said 30 mins I meant to specifically refer to the live stream on Facebook. Apologies for the lack of clarity and my brain fade on that fact. He was held for at least 24 to 48 hours.
  • 121jigawatts2016 reply Great video computing forever. Your narrative is so spot on that it makes ideas that I have sound like fairy tales. Let me share one, and it sounds like an idea that Morgan Freeman agrees with me on; Ever notice how whenever you go to fill out a job application (there are other forms, but this is the most nefarious) that you are asked to state your race? At the bottom of the form or at the end of the question there will be some disclaimer that "we here at "------" are an equal opportunity employer", but yet they are asking you what your race is. Since America is a first world, capitalist country, that means if you live in America you have undoubtedly needed to answer the question- if you are like me you have answered it more times that you would care to admit- but you have seen it because you want to work, because you have to work- or both. However, sometimes there is an "other" box, like maybe you are not form this planet- or maybe you have 14 different nationalities coursing throu...moregh your veins. Cool, not problem. But, for the sake of my idea, maybe we should start marking the "other" box and then write merely "HUMAN". We are so trained to just obey the questionnaire that we feel if we don't mark according to the dictate of our dermatological pigment orientation that we are not playing by the rules. Who wants to do that when it might cost you getting the job? Why should we ever have a census to begin with? It sounds very Sorowellian.
  • nomadic reply The first fight I got into at school was with a kid picking on a special needs kid, it even makes me more angry now than it did 50 years ago. Sick world we live in, the only thing that keeps these punks safe is the fact that Good people follow the law, if the law keeps breaking down the shit will really hit the fan. In my opinion white people can be very dangerous and it is a thin line holding them back...
  • SLCPagan reply I was wrong. I thought the local authorities were going to write it off. I was shocked that they would ever call violence toward white people a hate crime.
  • [ – ] Pot-Thoughts reply I don't approve of "hate crime" Hate is an emotion, not a crime. This was domestic terrorism. When they broadcast the attack while exclaiming "Fuck Trump" they were making an implicit threat to all Trump supporters. Violence for political purposes is terrorism.
    • gene_s parent reply I think the classification of a crime as a "hate crime" is a dangerous precedent. Assault, murder, etc. are crimes in and of themselves, and penalties should be meted out equally, regardless of the driving thought behind the crime. After all, the outcome of the crime is the same. We don't need, and should not have "thought police." I have all the right in the world to hate whomever I choose to hate. There are no laws against hate, so why should hate be a factor in determining the sentence for a crime? However, as long as that unconstitutional designation remains on the books, there should be no hesitation in applying it equally persons of all demographs.
  • HuntKevh99 reply Pastor Manning who is black has something to say about black people that no other race dare even whisper .
  • Psykonaut reply This is what the phenomenally rich Jews are funding and promoting. George Soros and the Rothchild and the Rockefeller families, the people who essentially rule this world with their stranglehold on the finances of this world. They want to sow this discord and to sow such hatred among the different races. They want us to fight each other and to kill each other. The more we kill each other, the less there is killing and taking over to be done by the internationalist communist Jews. That is what benefits them. All of us killing each other and they being the main beneficiarys of it all by funding all of it, but not getting directly involved in it.
  • [ – ] Sharefree2013 reply president Donald Trump America need you to write laws to make our First Amendment stronger the government cannot choose what is real or fakez to help us get out of this financial problem we need to legalize medical marijuana we will know the truth in 2017
    • Psykonaut parent reply Unfortunately Donald Trump is just a Zionist shill also. All of his sons, exept the young teen one, are dating or are married to Jewish women. His daughter, Ivanka Trump, is married to a Jew and she even converted to Judaism. Donald Trump is not going to stop Zionism, but most likely he will be the one that will issue the order to build the 3rd Jewish temple in Jerusalem from where the Anti-Christ will eventually rule from.
  • pokematic reply The cold and the atmospheric music really added to it.
  • Folatt reply People who use the term "as a <insert identity here>" should be included into the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.
  • NoBS4U reply Morgan Freemon at the end. Summed it up as a self made man. Excellent Vlog.
  • gene_s reply You want to see mental gymnastics at its finest? CBS implies torturers were white, and the victim was black. “The viral video of a beating and knife attack in Chicago suggests the assault had racial overtones. CBS’s Dean Reynolds tells us the victim is described as a mentally-challenged teenager. “In the video, he is choked and repeatedly called the n-word. His clothes are slashed and he is terrorized with a knife. His alleged captors repeatedly reference Donald Trump. Police are holding four people in connection with the attack.” Here's the audio:
  • Gavalaff83 reply such a gr8 video. puts into words calmly what alot of ppl are thinking. it really doesn't matter if BLM is involved or not. its a horrible crime. MSM Needs to have a long hard look at itself. report news not agendas.
  • Huktoz reply I ca't think about the basterds filled with all that hate and idealogical xenofobea it must be a sad life to live the life of an SJW.
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