Sideshow Freaks (Sketch compilation)

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  • MrJoelDee reply Great video man. My two favorite parts were near the beginning when it turned out you were talking to the dog, and later on with the mime. I literally laughed out loud at those, especially the mime.
  • [ – ] theoldsparrow reply That running gag was great. Also great appearance by Duffy.
    • [ – ] phantom_films parent reply Ya know like a 1 to 10 on some of the sketches would help me know what worked and what didn't for future reference
      • [ – ] theoldsparrow parent reply The Beth skits are a 8/10. The Condor Wild was a 6. Roommate dog was a 4. I didn't get the Inspector Gadget joke so 1. Gotham City Real Estate was 7/10. The Yeah i don't have a degree was 3. Mime was a 9. Vsauce was a 5. Q&A was a 5. The recording the Nazi dog video was a 3. Duffy was an 8. Lego existential crisis was a 6. I think I got all of them. Hope that helps you.
  • DoobelS reply Hey, dude! You have some really good and funny ideas and jokes! :D I really enjoyed the video, great work! :) If there's one thing I would've improved, it would be some more editing when you put the clips together. At some parts you can hear the "start recording"-button get pressed down, so things like that could be cut out. But overall, funny video! :D
  • 1DocHolliday reply Fly your freak flag high!
  • KayToons reply Awesome video! I love the Beth skit. Keep up the great work!
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