How MARVEL Ruined WONDER WOMAN! - Weird Comic Book History Explained || NerdSync

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  • NerdSync reply Hey, gang! Thanks for watching and upvoting this video! You are truly wonderful nerds!
  • FrostedMiniFears reply much prefer these well researched and presented videos to the quick and dirty 5 times a week vlogs that get pushed on YouTube now. This and your history of Archie videos are some of my favorites that you guys have done. Stay awesome.
  • JamieLeigh reply Won't see it! No, no, no.
  • OrionBlastar reply Good history on WW. DC did try and Marvelize some characters. John Byrne did Man of Steel Mini-series to Marvelize Superman. That one worked for a while until they killed Superman.
  • Random_Videos reply I enjoyed the movie.
  • Pathagas reply I've not seen many videos on Vidme much, but I think this video is very really good! It's well structured, high quality, well researched, and most importantly, interesting. Within 5 minutes on this site, I've already found a great creator. Thank you for putting out content :)
  • Hoshi-Hana reply I didn't know that about wonder woman :O Really interesting video.
  • BlackbirdFrost reply What do I think about the "Mod era Wonder Woman?" By today's standards it certainly seems completely and utterly ridiculous, but it's hard to say since I wasn't alive during those times. From watching this I'd say their intent did not seem malevolent in any way, but good intentions are so often misguided.
  • duffy reply Super interesting! Great video.
  • UnpoppedReview reply Love you video format and style. Definitely following!
  • parodyofscott reply This is to help with the YouTube algorithm. Oh wait.
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