Muslim Terrorism׃ Piers Morgan vs. Tommy Robinson [Part 4]

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  • Star_Wars6collector reply Odd if these ISIS are not Islamic then how come they are building the Islamic caliphate in the same manner that Hitler did, they use the same intimidation tactics of beating and killing and terrorist attacks to take over a whole town or city or country, so is that Islam phobia or a fact because there is nothing multicultural when one group does not assimilate with all others and in my opinion all religions cause hate and division because all there bibles preach killing or the Infidel Golem heretic, we never used to have terrorist attacks, all other people of all cultures and religions lived in peace for the most part, and church and state are separate for a reason yet one group is trying to have it's own laws Sharia law, and how come all the gang rapes are not being mentioned?
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