Making my own Black Bean Burger

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  • [ – ] MarzieMalfoy reply So that's how you make homemade fries! I love sweet potato fries but to get them anywhere I get paranoid with the oils and if they fried it or not. Crying and nose running.. possibly bleeding.. is the way I like my spicy foods. I went to an Indian restaurant in England one night and ordered the phall curry.... Holy crap that was so spicy I was hallucinating! But I just kept on eating. Although.... the next day I was at work... my supervisor had to send the medics into the bathroom bc he heard screaming... medically I was fine. It wasn't til after the medics came out when he realized why I was screaming and I could hear everyone laughing. Lol TOTALLY WORTH IT!
  • [ – ] USUandS reply I'm actually eating black beans right now (beans are one of my favorite foods that I eat every other day). I'm immediately reminded of @PoeticOldSoul 's black beaned brownies mmm. LOL "it's not spicy at all" can you handle spiciness? :P I LOVE spiciness in most foods
  • [ – ] theoldsparrow reply I love spicy. It actually has a bit more of a dopamine rush when you eat spicy foods. It's also funny that the reason plants are spicy is a defense mechanism so we don't eat them but that's exactly why we cultivate those plants.
  • [ – ] Calibri_Funtimes reply I love me a nice veggie burger! I'm interested in trying this recipe! Thanks @AmandaFood
  • [ – ] SamEarl13 reply Interesting idea to talk about a related story during the recipe, I don't think I've ever had black beans so not entirely sure if I'd like it but I had sweet potato fries once and they're pretty good.
  • [ – ] GHondo reply Interesting story about spice. My wife has the same problem - even the slightest bit of spice is too much for her, so I end up having to finish a lot of her stuff. Most of the time, I can't even tell it has spice, it's so little. :)
    • [ – ] AmandaFood parent reply It really does hurt and is painful for me ughh. Your wife gets it!
      • [ – ] GHondo parent reply Believe me, I do know how much spice can hurt. I used to be really good at handling spice, until one fateful day. I used to work on a night shift, so one afternoon while I was sleeping, my wife went to the hot dog cart on the corner, and got me a spicy sausage. She then put a bunch of "suicide" level hot sauce on it. Then put it in the fridge, where all that sauce permeated the bun for a few hours until I got up and ate it... Needless to say, I was weeping openly by the second bite... The pain was so bad, I haven't been able to handle any serious spice since.
        • [ – ] AmandaFood parent reply It's a crazy feeling!! I was freaking out... can't imagine eating something like "suicide" level hot 😷 thanks for sharing the story lol
          • [ – ] Mister_Shots parent reply I bet your wife did it on purpose! :D
            • [ – ] GHondo parent reply She did - but not to hurt me, but because she knew I loved spice. Neither of us realized that letting suicide sauce "marinate" for half a day would have that effect... Now, on subject of things she *did* do on purpose, there was another time where I was sick, so she had me drink Neo-Citran (that disgusting lemon flavoured cold medicine), and suggested I was it down with Pepsi. I was too sick to realize she was snickering.........
              • [ – ] Mister_Shots parent reply Funny story about pepsi...When I was in grade 7 around lunch me and 3 friends are at the table. One friend brought a Pepsi to the table and opened it then turned his back. In the short time his back was turned my ex's friend picked up the Pepsi sipped it then back washed it. After my friend turned around to proceed to sip it, my ex's friend was nice enough to warn him. The guy with a Pepsi took my water, and poured it into the can to see. The discoloration with water added he saw 'floaties' but drank it anyways. Then my ex's friend was so disgusted by watching this she puked all over the table. Take from this what you want.
              • [ – ] Mister_Shots parent reply What goes around comes around! Or will you never do that to someone?
                • GHondo parent reply That expression suggests I had done something to her, and that was some sort of vengeance. However, I hadn't done anything of the sort. And wouldn't - I'm not that mean. :)
              • AmandaFood parent reply I love your wife 😂 your stories lol!!
  • [ – ] WalkingForWeightLoss reply Sorry if I missed it but I'm unclear what the green stuff on it is. Lettuce or avocado?
  • [ – ] Cl0mar reply I love that you were able to tell a story during this. Got to learn a new recipe and listen to a story :)
  • [ – ] tonygreene113 reply How long did you leave the fries in the oven?
  • [ – ] arrghgarry reply I live in Japan but you cannot get the sauce,this was my regular friday night late dish ,the peppers are just blanched the crunchy ness of the peepers is great
  • [ – ] arrghgarry reply my fave meal used to be blackbean sauce beef and peppers
  • [ – ] PoeticOldSoul reply Well alright honey, yummy vid, and honestly I cannot handle a lot of spicy foods, too much heat would burn me, I can't lol.
  • [ – ] Rawman reply "I like black bean burgers I like burgers period!" Yes!!! Best opening line ever! I love it when you do the stories to the videos this is great. I could listen to these all day while you do your cooking. I love your motto of not wasting food! This looks fantastic! I would love to try a burger like this but I'm a lazy cook.
  • [ – ] Ottomatrix reply Yummy! Sometimes I roast sunflower seeds and add them to the burgers :) Awesome fries..
    • AmandaFood parent reply HEYY I never got a notification for this sorrryyyy! Thank you very much! Roasted sunflower seeds sound like an awesome addition need to try this!
  • [ – ] Proto reply You food ideas are so original, good stuff :OOOO
  • [ – ] JonLayman reply Sweet potato fries are life. I could eat them with every meal. Lol
  • [ – ] Nicky_mo reply I love how tasty your food looks! makes me hungry every time. Sweet Potato fries are so good! thanks for showing an easy way to make them, i've been taking notes watching your channel for my own cooking!
  • [ – ] JustABloke reply I totally cannot handle spicy at all, I would pass on a mild curry. I'm not sure about this burger you're making here, the ordeal you just described sounds horrific and when I see black beans, I'll recall your story. I'll stick to fish thanks :-) though those sweet potato fries looks nice.
  • [ – ] LloydandJD reply Man if I keep watching these I will think I can cook (I can't), but they always make me hungry. Those patties look like cookiedough when you are making them! Cheers.
  • [ – ] Dos_Gaming reply Burgers are the greatest gift ever given to humanity... I love to eat sweat fruit bread with a beef burger! The sweat taste of the bread with the juicy beef is the best!
  • [ – ] Flying_Purple_Pizzas reply Everything you make looks delicious! I love guacamole too, so it would have to go on. Great story! I'm a wimp with hot stuff. Can't handle it. Bit into a super hot pepper when I was a kid and nothing would stop the pain. Never again. Everything's mild ever since. Great video!
  • [ – ] AmandaFood reply Awww I'll drink lots of chocolate milk 😂 (Nature's Own)
  • MFKraven reply awww you would not like my chicken tikka misala :'( i put a TON of spices haha this burger looks tasty! what kind of buns did you use? (brand)
  • [ – ] Mister_Shots reply Makes me want to go to Mcdon- Make my own burger with sweet potato fries! I had these sweet potato fries once. They were store bought and tasted alright. Then my brother washed the dishes and didn't rinse off the soap properly and when I went to make more they cooked in soap! I would have some again but haven't had the gut for them in a while. The burger looks good. I prefer grilled over fried because they tent to have less grease but I don't mind fried as they save a lot of the taste when cooked. Great video!
    • [ – ] AmandaFood parent reply Lol yalls stories today have me laughing!! I would be like your brother and not wash the soap off right 😆 thank you!
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