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  • [ – ] Furiousredheads reply Shamanic drums <3
    • [ – ] bohemefit2 parent reply forsei language 'germanic giants that once roamed the world... these drums are native to the norse :) more in common than you thought.. :) we used these drums in ritual & before battle
      • [ – ] Furiousredheads parent reply i know vikings ;) Im from Belguim but i live in a forest :D perfect ^^ i like the drums 3:)
        • bohemefit2 parent reply Im envious to live in a forest, Im stuck in australia near the south pole :) I have a pagan uncle who split from my mums family & lives in nottingham forest UK..
    • [ – ] Furiousredheads parent reply She is very nice, i am a shaman myself! really my style of music ;) still i just make rock for now, because i want to hit a crowd.
      • bohemefit2 parent reply live https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wsl-KHGe4Kk&index=153&list=PLkhX8rqbRCkYGIg-OAR6_2OHjwHbeBVwj https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EV4Rmb_IIhk, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0k8WD1gx8mg&index=91&list=PLkhX8rqbRCkYGIg-OAR6_2OHjwHbeBVwj
      • [ – ] bohemefit2 parent reply shes extremely talented, speaks 9 of the germanic languages inc forsei, yeah the pagans drumming is from our magi (druids celtic) its said they passed the calendar of 13 moons, ogham (seen by odin as runes) & drumming to the germanics... will find you a clip you'' love & yes I do drumming myself as ritual (Im a druid, vegan & all)..
        • [ – ] Furiousredheads parent reply Awesome! add me on Facebook if you want, i love celtics and wiccans and all that stuff, but if you know shamanism you know it isn't really a religion, it's a state of being. your soul is very old or its not, i don't believe in modern shamanism. if you don't got the spirit you are not a real shaman. all of my friends who have a younger soul i recommend meditation and the purest ways, eating healthy and stuff, zen is a nice door. still as a shaman i don't need to, my spirit is doing everything for me, im just a lazy motherfucker, possessed by this energy, controlled by it, im very truthful to my soul. i am totally the same personality as jim morrisons, in every way from passions to zodiac and favorite color, dance moves, style, poetry and dreams of romance, i am the same disaster as jim, i struggle with the same soul :p Aldric Mrmojo
          • [ – ] bohemefit2 parent reply oh I dont do the 'jewbook :)
            • Furiousredheads parent reply Im just 23 :D but i am a very old soul so i feel awesome XD I followed him, add me on fb if you want: Aldric Mrmojo, its a name and means: old power/ruler 3:)
          • bohemefit2 parent reply should also follow thornack :) top bloke https://vid.me/Thornack
          • bohemefit2 parent reply one of the ancestors mothers side https://vid.me/u6Kr yeah im an aries through & through born 5th april 5am on the rock of gibraltar (pillars of hercules) where we were told was near atlantis) reading the works of socrates as soon as I could read.. I was born a witch (druid) with certain abiities & connection to dieties, I tried to supress a long time but they won out esp in the danger we are in to be able to perserve our blood & cultures.. so I guess you could say Im a practicing witch (druid for over 42 years now but with past memories of other life times & events) all in all mothers side druid form the britains & fathers viking, sailors from norwary who settled normandy & another line that started with the start of stone henge at stone henge.. will be loading heaps of altar & pagan wheel stuff here... & oh yes modern paganism lol like you said it is either in your blood or it is not ;)
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