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  • Cellblock776 reply I didn't know YT had blocked your uploads. I'm watching your stuff on Vidme and missed the drama over at the Google video site.
  • LexiChangeling reply Isn't she the one who constantly harasses Onision? .-.
  • Leadhead reply Any individual or group right of centre has a huge target on their back(s) by social media, I really do hope VidMe takes off huge and doesn't get corrupted by the mental midgets of the left.
  • Edgewood reply I may be banned from twitter, but I'll see what I can do. And no rush! Things are heck-ish there, and rest is good.
  • CYBERDEW41 reply Headed back to Twitter to #FreeJoy. Rest easy, M8.
  • TheNatGaming reply Glad you got unsuspended :) Not so glad theyre targetting Joy now lol...
  • KatrinaThorson reply I just caught someone with their pants down!
  • AceAcer2 reply Get some rest m8, we got your back. #FREEJOY
  • The_Lamb reply I am glad that you are free again Suit. I have issues also but I will stop helping out. Check out my nre bbackground photo on twitter :) Cheers
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