My Feelings Regarding Partnerships

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  • [ – ] Sixteen reply Great vid❀️
  • [ – ] Maddening reply πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹
  • BestofCinematic reply i think you can never rely on someone! But that's life :/
  • Born_To_Climb reply Interesting
  • mindofklink reply You've got a good head on your shoulders. I wish more streamers/content creators had the same mindset that you have.
  • Ambigramm reply Vidme is the best
  • [ – ] XGuyy reply never heard of mixer but, I need to check it out later. Lots of people just do it for the money and those dudes fail hard because the passion just isn't there. I wonder if Networks (like Freedom or Fullscreen) will hop to vid me soon..
    • SirLerio parent reply Mixer is a streaming platform owned by Microsoft and is integrated into to the Xbox One for streaming. As far as I know you can also use a Windows PC to stream on there but not a PS4. Mixer is full of a lot more genuine people who love to stream because it's actually fun and their trying to grow as a creator/entertainer and their not there to make some quick and easy money.
  • [ – ] Zissgo reply WΓΌrde mich freuen wenn ihr mal mein carporn anguckt und es bewertet :) Kritik ist gern gesehen :)
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